Human Ascension through Human Potential. 

I could not have prepared myself for it, and paradoxically I have prepared my entire life up to this moment. It arose from the Earth. A request, not a demand. A gentle suggestion wrapped up in a solution to grief. It wasn’t until I took the first step toward actualizing the solution that I was made aware of the depth of the suggestion. An invitation to spiritual maturity and —  A Call….to Service. 

The suggestion held a propensity to satisfy a deep longing for many. I did not know how to do what was asked of me. But I did know who could help me create the structure and shape the idea. I knew they possessed the strength and alignment and frequency and integrity and the heart to receive the seed, gestate the concept, and co-birth the consciousness. 


Evolving into Spiritual Maturity.

I could see clairvoyantly some of the myriad skill sets necessary to build, birth, and maintain this portal. Most, I did not possess, nor did I have the interest to learn. Others, I had a foundation for but had long since abandoned due to feeling overwhelmed or judged to be unworthy of my time and attention.

It stretched me, as a Call to Service will do. It stretched my belief in myself, to follow through with a commitment, to set aside distraction, to engage my self-reliance, to clearly communicate, to release people-pleasing and bids for approval. It broke a friendship. It stretched my commitment to self-care and my need for creative self-expression. It stretched my commitment to sobriety. 

This Call to Service mined unresolved traumas from my Unconscious. I relived abuses of past supervisors and corporate policies. I relived ways in which I abused myself to meet the requirements of the job. I relived guilt, shame, inadequacy, failure, fear, terror, rage, self-judgment. I relived abuses I created for others out of unconsciousness. My body was racked with ongoing pain and anxiety. More than once, I cried while lying on the floor, unable to do anything else.


More Space for Universal Consciousness.

It is customary to re-experience unconscious memories as they pass through the conscious mind on their way to freedom. Stagnated memories traverse this customary pathway as they unpack their trauma. The release of stagnated memories and their associated stored emotions created more space within my form. And that newly freed space becomes available to download more of your Higher Self, more universal consciousness, and more human potential.  

The experience encouraged me to identify new tools and resources to manage and resolve the intense inner challenges. I really had to dig in to shift the experience so I could do the work. As a result, I enjoyed an altered state of consciousness of dropping into pure presence free of judgment. It’s a remarkable feeling of freedom, and more importantly, a self-actualized state of consciousness! 

While the option to decline the offer was acceptable and understandable, I recognized the sanctity of the request and opportunity. 

I had been asked to co-birth a sovereign and divine consciousness into form through providing virtual space for it to exist, and a strategy for it to grow.

I also recognized I would receive healing through my agreement to engage and participate.


A Call to Service is a different experience than serving.

I had been serving people for years through offering readings and healings and teaching others to access their self-empowerment through the practice of ritual and integration of their spiritual gifts. It was at times rewarding and other times frustrating and painful in different ways. In many ways, my ego was involved in interpreting the experiences of serving. My ego made judgment calls about what wasn’t enough, which eventually led to reconsidering my career choice.


The Earth Responded.

Once I released activities that weren’t serving me and healed a sense of loss, I opened myself to receive more. I made a declaration that I was open to more.

I asked for more from the Divine Feminine: more channeling, more creativity, more dedication and devotion, more love and peace and joy, more purpose, more service and giving.

I missed being in spiritual community, and my Higher Self began whispering in my ear to create one. I argued, “I don’t know how to do that.” The nudge continued despite my objections. 

The mystical response arose from the Earth and into my conscious awareness.

She requested our assistance to heal the rift between individual humans, humanity, and the Earth.

She was so intelligently compassionate and willing to meet humans where they are through their available avenues of attention — the internet and social media. 

She asked us to create an online spiritual community portal — a consciousness-raising group rooted in love, healing, service and higher consciousness.

Within a few days, my Higher Self declared, “You have been called into Service. Your work is about Service, not Purpose. You can’t will yourself into Service or prepare yourself for Service. You can only be called into Service. From Service, all that was left undone is resolved into Love. It completes your healing. Repleat (filled or well-supplied with something) with Love. Love as the core of your Being. Beingness is Love.”

With excitement and trepidation, I accepted the Call.


Copyright 2020 Lisa Martin Naimi


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