About the Chaos & Light Community


To be in service of humanity by creating a portal of authentic and expansive human interaction through community.


Create an online space for spiritual seekers to collaborate, share, inspire and learn with a community of like-minded people that nurture and foster evolving states of consciousness, and promote personal evolution and well-being.


To be a portal for expanded consciousness and love that is ripe with spiritual maturity, accountability, and open-mindedness/heartedness with a gaze that looks simultaneously inward and 7×7 generations futureward.


About the Founders

Angela Levesque

Angela Levesque

Co-Founder, Operations Manager

Angela has a clinical background as an exercise physiologist and wellness consultant, as well as training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Reconnective Healing, hypnosis, and meditation. This allows her to take an integrative approach to her work. She knows that our level of awareness governs every aspect of our lives. So she assists her clients in understanding how they operate, why they make the choices they make, and how to make meaningful change. 

Lisa Martin Naimi

Lisa Martin Naimi

Co-Founder, Marketing Director

About Lisa Martin Naimi: Lisa has explored Ascended Mastery guided by her Higher Self, Ascended Master guides, and The Sophia. She has lived and channeled information, processes, rituals and ceremonies related to Ascension and beyond.  Her experiences include navigation of Ascension, Descension, The Void, The Light, The Dark. Those experiences have continued through the Corridor and Threshold of Ascended Mastery. She has been offering energy healing and intuitive guidance since 2009.


Leslie J Hart

Leslie J Hart

Key Contributor

Leslie is an Empath, Intuitive Sensitive, and Shamanic practitioner, applying his gifts to help clients gain clarity on their path to self-healing.  He serves as a paranormal consultant assisting teams and individuals. Leslie is a writer, who is passionate about Indigenous and spiritually based wisdom. He is a student & practitioner of both the Peruvian mountain and Plains Native healing traditions. Leslie is a Masa carrier and graduate of Kimmapii Spirit Energies, AB, Canada.  He is also a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher.


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