About the Chaos & Light Community


To be in service of humanity by creating a portal of authentic and expansive human interaction through community.


Create an online space for spiritual seekers to collaborate, share, inspire and learn with a community of like-minded people that nurture and foster evolving states of consciousness, and promote personal evolution and well-being.


To be a portal for expanded consciousness and love that is ripe with spiritual maturity, accountability, and open-mindedness/heartedness with a gaze that looks simultaneously inward and 7×7 generations futureward.


About the Founders

Angela Levesque

Angela Levesque

Co-Founder, Operations Manager

I used to try and put as many letters behind my name as possible. I don’t feel the need to do that anymore. I’m just someone who thinks deeply about things and likes to talk and write about them. I appreciate intellectual pursuits as much as spiritual ones and enjoy the paradoxes that often occur among them. I love to travel, cook, garden, and have meaningful conversations that are littered with expletives. Light and chaos are both places that I frequent. 


Lisa Martin Naimi

Lisa Martin Naimi

Co-Founder, Marketing Director

I have been guiding others (and myself!) through the Ascension/Enlightenment process since 2012, and in business as a professional intuitive and healer since 2009. Along the way, I have remembered that I am an Empath, a Mystic, a Magdalene and so much more. My journey to remember the stages of Ascension was designed to prepare me to guide myself and others into Ascended Mastery. I have lived the Ascension process to document each step and stage so I can guide others through the exhilarating, and sometimes disconcerting, journey to remembering yourself and reclaiming your Sovereignty and Personal Authority.


Leslie J Hart

Leslie J Hart

Co-founder, Key Contributor

Leslie is an Empath, Intuitive Sensitive, and Shamanic practitioner, applying his gifts to help clients gain clarity on their path to self-healing.  He serves as a paranormal consultant assisting teams and individuals. Leslie is a writer, who is passionate about Indigenous and spiritually based wisdom. He is a student & practitioner of both the Peruvian mountain and Plains Native healing traditions. Leslie is a Masa carrier and graduate of Kimmapii Spirit Energies, AB, Canada.  He is also a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher.