Woman riding a bikeAngela Levesque is a writer, teacher and Awakening Guide. Providing her clients with tools and resources for their personal evolution. Angela has a clinical background as an exercise physiologist and wellness consultant, as well as training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Reconnective Healing, hypnosis, and meditation. She also teaches many classes on and offline on mind/body skills, personal growth, connecting with our spirit guides, and the nature of consciousness and spirituality.

She is also co-founder of the Chaos & Light Community. An online space for spiritual seekers to collaborate, share, inspire and learn with a community of like-minded people that nurture and foster evolving states of consciousness, and promotes personal evolution. Angela also hosts a weekly podcast called Chaos & Light which takes a deep dive into culture through the lens of consciousness, spirituality, and personal growth.

Awakening Sessions

Tools Available:

  • Soul purpose/lesson work
  • Mind/body techniques
  • Intuitive readings
  • Awareness development
  • Conscious breathing techniques
  • Energy body clearing & balancing
  • Values & identity development

What I Assist With:

  • Navigating your spiritual path
  • Exploring/Expression of life’s purpose
  • Remembering your authentic self
  • Building self-confidence/empowerment
  • Clarifying motivations
  • Moving through life transitions
  • Seeing higher perspectives

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I believe that each person has tremendous innate potential. This isn’t something that has to be earned or gained, it is simply something that needs to be accessed. However, our potential is limited by our perception. Do you know the way you see the world?  This matters. So many of our choices are determined by our unconscious beliefs about ourselves and the outer environment. I don’t want to be anybody’s guru, instead, I want to be a mirror for you. I want to help YOU explore the soul-level perspectives necessary for your personal evolution. Instead of telling you to do this or that, I want to gently guide you into discovering that for yourself. Helping you develop your self-awareness and teach you to listen to what is in your heart.

This work isn’t about perfection or somebody else’s idea of what is right. It is about living in alignment with your heart, your values and your actions. Nobody can decide what that looks like except for you. I want to show you some tools to figure that out.

As an Awakening Guide, I blend intuitive guidance, energy work, and intuitive coaching to assist you on your spiritual path. I also tune into the stories held in your energy body and give you guidance on how to release the energy patterns that are keeping you from stepping into your power. Using this and the information you give me, I’ll ask probing questions and reflect back to you what I am sensing. As we do this work your awareness will grow, you’ll begin to understand why you make the choices you make and get very clear on what is meaningful to you. Helping you to get in touch with your own inner guidance system so you can move consciously through your life with passion and purpose. 

 I am not here to tell you the future, but rather assist you in living your authentic life.  Giving you the tools and support you need for your personal evolution. 

Two Types of Sessions (Choose your preference when scheduling Cost $88/session)

Energy Healing Session: This is a two-part process. It includes a distance healing session and a debriefing afterward so I can share any insights and guidance that I may have for you. We will meet briefly at our scheduled time, then we will break for 50 mins while I do the distance energy work. Then meet up again immediately after using Zoom for our debrief.

Intuitive Reading/Coaching: I will tune in and prepare the guidance I receive for you prior to our meeting. This includes clearing and tuning into the energy centers and the stories held within them (~45 mins prep time). Then we will meet at the scheduled time for a 50-minute appointment so I can share the guidance with you and we can discuss any tools and steps that will assist you in taking action on the guidance provided.

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The Chaos & Light Podcast

The Chaos & Light Podcast is a playground for mind, mystery, and our human potential. Listen in each week as host, Angela Levesque and her guest host take a deep dive into consciousness, spirituality and personal growth. We explore the chaos and the light of the human condition. Looking at the truth of where we stand and the opportunities that lie ahead from both the material and mystical perspectives.

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