• Customized guided meditations for healing and/or expansion
  • Mindfulness-Based meditations
  • Meditations for self-discovery and inner guidance
  • Progressive relaxations
  • Self hypnosis

Want a customized guided meditation created just for you and your specific needs? Angela Levesque has been leading meditation groups for over 15 years. She has training and experience in guided imagery, hypnosis, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and various meditation techniques. So whether you want guidance, expansion, targeted healing or mindfulness she knows how to write, create and produce a guided meditation personalized just for you. Please note that all meditations created by Chaoa & Light are not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice and make no claims about curing or healing from a disease, but act to support the body as a whole through stress reduction and relaxation. 

What’s Included in a Customized Guided Meditation:

  • 1 ~20 min guided meditation mp3 create just for you (Sent via DropBox)
  • Can be with or without music
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How this Works:

We will meet for a short meeting to explore your needs and wants. You will then receive an invoice. You can expect the customized guided meditation within 7 days of your payment.  If you are unhappy with your guided meditation, I offer one round of edits at no extra charge.

Price: $150

Want to make it a video? Check out the Sacred Geometry page for more information.