Martine Thomassen on Your Unique Zone of Genius

Martine Thomassen on Your Unique Zone of Genius


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Do you know your unique zone of genius? What blocks and beliefs hold you back from doing what you’re uniquely designed to do? Can affirmations work against us? In this episode, Martine shares her passion for working with heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to live authentically and earn a living doing it. We explore how our thoughts limit or expand our potential, the power in visualization and how to balance the masculine and feminine energies to support our growth.

About the Guest

Woman laying on couchMartine Thomassen is a certified entrepreneur coach wh0 specializes in helping conscious women entrepreneurs release emotional and subconscious resistance.  She has a bachelor’s degree with a triple major in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship as well as a master’s in digital marketing.

She has spent 7 years in Australia, worked a year in Japan as a visual artist, as well as working in corporate consulting and coaching executives in small, medium, and large companies on digital marketing strategy. Through the years Martine has coached international influencers and change-makers. Today she is proud to run a business with a global reach and help other conscious women to do the same.

Martine is happy to offer the listeners of this show a free full 60 min coaching session. Just send her a message on Instagram ( and let Martine know that you heard her on the Chaos & Light Podcast.


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Molly Mandelberg on Heart-Centered Business

Molly Mandelberg on Heart-Centered Business

In This Episode:

Many healers and holistic health practitioners have the heart for their work but may not have the skills to turn their passion into a successful business. In this episode, Molly Mandelberg and Angela Levesque discuss what it means to have a heart-centered business and how to strike a balance between the mystical and the practical.  We explore the power in honoring your creative cycles, how to deal with doubt, and why asking for help is an essential piece of the process. Molly also gives practical tools for automating aspects of your business so you can spend more time doing what you love.


About the Guest:

Headshot Molly Mandelberg is the Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up and Creator of Your Money Machine: The Wild Woman’s Approach to a Heart-Centered Sales funnel. As a tech-savvy strategist, Molly supports coaches, healers, and emerging thought-leaders to expand their outreach, so they can connect with more people, and make more money with less time spent.

With the heart of a writer and the brain of an engineer, Molly is uniquely qualified to support her people to not only connect the dots and tackle the tech but also to craft their deep work into inspiring content and hot copy. She is known for taking the overwhelm out of big exciting projects so that they can be birthed into the world and received by those who need them


Mindful Anger, Values and How to Be Your Big Self

Mindful Anger, Values and How to Be Your Big Self

In today’s episode, Angela Levesque explores the values divide and how we overcome it on the Divine Spectacle. Followed by a mindfulness perspective on anger. What anger is, how we deal with it, and when venting is acting as a substitute for speaking your truth. Then, on this week’s It’s Worth Your Time, we talk about Brene Brown’s Netflix special The Call to Courage.

In this episode:

    • In the Divine Spectacle segment, we explore how people with different values can find common ground and three things we can to eliminate the background noise that prevents us from doing so.
    • In the Sacred Mind segment, we look at mindful anger
      • We look at two types of expression – the venter and the suppressor and the qualities of both.
      • The difference between venting and speaking your truth.
      • How to deal with anger from a mindfulness perspective.
    • In the It’s Worth Your Time segment Brene Brown’s Netflix special The Call to Bravery. This special is an extension of her TEDtalk on vulnerability. She explores how there is no courage without being vulnerable. Why failure is inevitable and how to be brave with your life regardless of the critics.