Reclaiming Our Authority with Jordan Bates

Reclaiming Our Authority with Jordan Bates

In this special edition of the Chaos and Light podcast, Angela Levesque interviews Jordan Bates on how we reclaim our authority. As the world deals with a global pandemic, humans are left with the challenge of balancing our personal rights and freedoms with the safety and welfare of the others. Can we look to other countries as examples of the ‘right way’ of handling things? Does our hyperpartisan climate allow us to understand what’s going on? In a time when everything is catastrophized, how do we gauge risk and discern what is real? We also explore the ways others and our institutions try to usurp our individual authority and how we take our power back.

About Jordan

Jordan Bates is a Creator, Activator, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, and Founder of Refine The Mind. He mentors Creators to own Power, trust Nature, and shift to an Aligned Path. He is infinitely curious about how we can liberate ourselves on every level to live the Truth of Who We Are. Visit his website


Reclaiming Our Authority with Jordan Bates

Nihilism, Liminality and Our Passage Through 

Rites of passage have been an important part of many spiritual and religious communities. These transitions have been celebrated and revered as sacred rituals that move the individual into new states of being. Perhaps this moment in time is our collective rite of passage. In this episode, we look at the three stages, where we are collectively, and how we can embrace this moment as a necessary one in our transition to new ways of being.


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Coronavirus, Enlightenment, and the Planetary Transition by Jordan Bates

Reclaiming Our Authority with Jordan Bates

Normal is Broken

May experts say this pandemic was predictable given our current modes of operation. With a rush to return to normal should we ask ourselves, “Is normal a good thing?” Are there things we want to keep from our time in lockdown that makes our lives more fulfilling? Are there some things we can let go of moving forward? In this episode, we explore how our disregard for nature led us to this current situation and how we are doomed to repeat the cycle if we don’t learn from our past mistakes.

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Reclaiming Our Authority with Jordan Bates

Resilience: Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

In the face of catastrophic and existential threats, humans and our systems are going to need to become increasingly resilient. How do we learn to deal with the stress uncertainty brings? Are there characteristics we can develop that help us through tough times? In today’s episode, we will look at how we can draw strength from our relationships and communities and even find meaning in uncertainty. 

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Reclaiming Our Authority with Jordan Bates

Coronavirus – A Worldwide Pattern Interrupt?

We have an opportunity now, amid this global pandemic, to re-imagine the world. The coronavirus is not only a huge wake-up call about the fragility of our way of being, but enough of a pattern interrupt that it asks us to re-think the status quo. Join us in this episode as we explore how this global disruption can lead us to a more healthy and resilient planet.

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