Molly Mandelberg on Heart-Centered Business

Molly Mandelberg on Heart-Centered Business

In This Episode:

Many healers and holistic health practitioners have the heart for their work but may not have the skills to turn their passion into a successful business. In this episode, Molly Mandelberg and Angela Levesque discuss what it means to have a heart-centered business and how to strike a balance between the mystical and the practical.  We explore the power in honoring your creative cycles, how to deal with doubt, and why asking for help is an essential piece of the process. Molly also gives practical tools for automating aspects of your business so you can spend more time doing what you love.


About the Guest:

Headshot Molly Mandelberg is the Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up and Creator of Your Money Machine: The Wild Woman’s Approach to a Heart-Centered Sales funnel. As a tech-savvy strategist, Molly supports coaches, healers, and emerging thought-leaders to expand their outreach, so they can connect with more people, and make more money with less time spent.

With the heart of a writer and the brain of an engineer, Molly is uniquely qualified to support her people to not only connect the dots and tackle the tech but also to craft their deep work into inspiring content and hot copy. She is known for taking the overwhelm out of big exciting projects so that they can be birthed into the world and received by those who need them


Cycles of Life Guided Meditation

Cycles of Life Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is part of a weekly Living Light Meditation gathering in the Chaos & Light Community. This meditation takes you through the seasons of life and the cycle of creative energy. We explore each cycle through the lens of nature and the elements of air, fire, water and earth. The Chaos & Light Community is an online space for spiritual seekers to collaborate, share, inspire and learn with a community of like-minded people that nurture and foster evolving states of consciousness, and promote personal evolution and well-being.
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Scott Preston on the Return of the Ancient Force

Scott Preston on the Return of the Ancient Force

What is Integral Consciousness? How do people manipulate the power of story and myth for the commodification of the human spirit? How is single vision destroying our democracy? These are just a few of the topics in this week’s conversation with Scott Preston. Join us for a thoughtful discussion on how the return of the Ancient Force or ‘enlightened ego-consciousness’ requires us to move beyond the individual into integrated wholeness or what Scott refers to as four-fold vision.

In this Episode:

~ We explore the integration of the 4-fold vision or the actualities of integral consciousness

~ How the internet is used as a proxy for our latent human potentialities

~ He defines technocratic shamanism and the rise in the commodification of the human spirit through story and technology.

~ We look at the integrated whole or the movement from the universal into individuation.


The Chrysalis blog 

Surviving Death on

About the Guest:

Man sitting in field

Scott Preston is the author of the blog The Chrysalis



Should the Masculine Serve the Feminine?

Should the Masculine Serve the Feminine?

Should the masculine always serve the feminine? In this special edition of the Chaos & Light Podcast, Andrew Martin co-hosts with Angela Levesque. Andrew and Angela both speak and write on subjects in spirituality, consciousness, and personal growth. They decided to come together once a month to dive deep into these subjects in a light and playful way. 

In this episode they discuss:

  • Synchronicity
  • The process of things moving from the formless into form
  • Are science and spirit equally important? Is the nature of all science inherently masculine?
  • Why Be-Do-Have is the very nature of all manifestation
  • Why it is important for the masculine to be in service of the feminine and what happens when that doesn’t happen?
  • The perils of perpetual progress

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Andrew Martin

Civilized to Death: The Price of Progress by Christopher Ryan

Sam Harris



Timeline Collapse? with Lisa Martin Naimi

Timeline Collapse? with Lisa Martin Naimi

What Are Timelines?

Have you ever had the experience of objects showing up in unexpected places? Have you ever considered that that was a sign of a timeline irregularity? Timelines are a collection of events that are perceived to occur in a linear sequence. The collection of events represent the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions of any individual or group of people. Timelines also present themselves as options or possibilities that stretch into the horizon of a human’s consciousness. It is a mystical experience that can happen to anyone as part of expanding your consciousness.

Timelines as Stories

“From the observer position, timelines can represent stories, emotional reactions, judgment and associated feelings, and the positive and negative consequences of choices. The view from within the timeline appears like a tornado spinning around the individual. That tornado is composed of stories wanting to hook human emotional energy so they can be fed, continue to exist, and even grow larger. Stories can include individual or collective events and occur in the past, present, or future. When we successfully unhook our emotional body from all of the stories, we can use that energy to restore and recharge our own energy body.”  ~ Lisa Martin Naimi

In this Episode:

Listen as Lisa Martin Naimi shares her experience of living in no-time, what that actually looks like and what timelines really represent. We also explore divine neutrality and how to step outside of the stories that hook us and leak our personal power.


OM AH HUM Meditation Teaching 
OM AH MUM Mantra Meditation  

Mastering Desire, Will and Intention

Mastering Desire, Will and Intention

“You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.”

― Upanishads

What is Creative Manifestation?

We are creators and that means we are more than artists or writers. We co-create our experience through our thoughts, our words, our deeds, and our will. Everything we do is a creative act. So our choice becomes do we do this consciously or based on habit and previous programming?

Components of Manifestation

There are three key components to creative manifestation:


From a mindfulness perspective, there are two distinct types of desire. The first is the desire of a wanting mind. It is a thirst that feels it can only be satisfied by something outside of the self. In Buddhism, this would be one of the mind poisons. It is this type of desire that keeps you stuck in the cycle of birth-death- re-birth. This craving is looking to be satisfied, we partake in the desire, we feel a brief sense of satiety and then we repeat the cycle over again.

The second type of desire is the desire to do. This is our want to be connected to something bigger than ourselves. It is about bringing what is within ourselves into the outer world. There is a palpable sense of energy and inspiration about participating in a way that creates something meaningful. Desire is the driving force behind our actions so the question becomes does the wanting come from a place of lack or does it come from a place of adding meaning?


Will is a bit harder to define, but it is the power source composed of two distinct characteristics. It is emotion aka the desire coupled with conscious choice. So the desire to do added to the power of choice gives us will.


Our intention is the container for our will and desire. The ultimate ideal or the big picture of what it is we want to see come to fruition. It is a single word or phrase that unifies the desire, choice and deed.

How to Create What We Desire?

By combining all of the above components we can co-create our world. We need to understand the story around our desire. Why do we want what we want? Does it come from the desire to do or the desire to satisfy? Once we understand our story, we develop meaning. When something becomes meaningful to us i.e. we understand how it fits our worldview and value system, then we make choices in alignment with them. This is an expression of our will. If all of this is done with a unifying intention and we are consistent in the expression of our desires, will, deeds and intention – we consciously co-create our reality.

For more information on how the components of manifesting work together, listen to this podcast.

Or listen to this guided meditation on using joy and sacred geometry to activate your manifesting potential.

This meditation is part of the weekly Living Light Meditation gathering in the Chaos & Light Community. In this meditation, we use sacred geometry and joy to activate our highest creative potential. You will use the flower of life image on the screen in conjunction with the meditation, so it is best if you view it on a bigger screen. If you want to listen to the audio-only, then just imagine the flower of life in your mind’s eye when directed. (Music Credit: LATEX_music)