We often hear that our purpose on this earth is to learn about ourselves through a series of spiritual tests and lessons. But what if this isn’t right? What if we are here for something much more meaningful? In this episode, we will challenge the earth school perspective and explore why this is limiting our potential for a better world.


In This Episode:

  • The Divine Spectacle:
    • We explore what is the Earth School perspective?
    • Three ways this perspective limits our potential.
    • Introduce the idea that we are evolving rather than learning and why this matters.
    • That we are part of an emergent universe that is growing and expanding. Learning is a by-product of this rather than a causal factor.
  • The Sacred Mind:
    • What is emergence?
    • How is this idea different than learning and why does it matter?
    • Why the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
    • Introduce the idea that the universe is moving from unmanifested consciousness to manifested consciousness.
    • Why being evolutionaries rather than students is more powerful for dealing with existential threats.
  • It’s Worth Your Time:
    • Listen to Daniel Schmachtenberger’s talk at Emergence.
    • He explores the properties of emergence as a result of synergy and synergy as a result of relationships, and relationships as a result of attractive forces. Those attractive forces are differing expressions of consciousness.
    • He talks about us becoming conscious agents for the Whole through our abstractive capabilities and participating in conscious evolution.