What are the ways that we diminish the personal sovereignty of others? How do we diminish our own? Join us as we explore multiple perspectives on what it means to be sovereign and how this might be the lynchpin of our personal evolution.


In This Podcast:

  • Divine Spectacle Segment
    • We explore the two ways we give up our sovereignty, either by diminishing another’s or diminishing our own.
    • Looking at why taking pity on someone gives them an added obstacle to overcome and without all the information may unnecessarily make them a victim.
  • Sacred Mind
    • We explore the power of conscious choice as the true path of our awakening.
    • How the question: What do I choose now? can be a powerful perspective in any challenge.
  • It’s Worth Your Time
    • We look at Jordan Greenhall’s framework for sovereignty that he talks about on the podcast Neurohacker Collective.  He defines sovereignty as your capacity to be an effective agent in the world. And he outlines 4 components that allow you to enhance this capacity.