About the Community

What makes the Chaos & Light Community unique?

We have created a safe space designed specifically for spiritual seekers to connect and collaborate. One of our guiding principles is that we are all students and all teachers, so this community isn’t centered around one teacher or guru, but rather a more egalitarian community. We want people to be able to lead and share as they feel comfortable. We also don’t want this community to replace real life connections so it isn’t set up to commodify your attention through manipulative algorithms and advertising. We do think however, it is important to support each other and promote people and services that are in alignment with the community’s values. In that, we do provide opportunities outside the community portal, but within the website, for conscious professionals to share their products, offerings and events. These are through separate links that are not found within the community itself. Giving each member the choice as to what they want to participate in. We also encourage and provide support for the hosting of monthly gatherings.


It is our hope that the Chaos & Light Community will be:

  • A daily/frequent touchstone for people to stay connected to their inner self so they can best serve humanity in a healthy and compassionate manner.
  • A place for people to explore ideas, ask questions, be inspired, connect and collaborate.
  • A place that encourages leadership with the understanding that we are all students and teachers.
  • A portal for expanded consciousness, personal evolution and well-Being

How do we achieve this?

  • Groups, forums, online gatherings and special events
  • Education/Resources – articles, podcasts, classes, guided meditation, forums 
  • Communing with the Sacred – monthly rituals, ceremonies,healing facilitations and art & creativity events
  • Consciousness expansion – Using the principles of synergy and synchronicity to activate human potential through all of the above
Why do I have to Pay to be part of the community?

 In order to steer clear of unhealthy business models based on selling user data, advertising, and the commodification of user attention, we decided to go with a membership model. That way we know that when people join they are doing so because they have a vested interest in spirituality, expansion, and personal evolution. We feel the Chaos & Light Community will provide a safe space for members to come as they are. A place where they are able to connect and collaborate with other spiritual seekers, to not only nourish online relationships but enhance our offline lives as well. 

Do you have an app?

You can download our Android app here. For iPhone users, you can create a faux app by following these instructions. Log into our site with your iPhone using Safari and check the box that says remember me. Then once you are on the Muse Feed (or whichever page within the community that you like best) click on the share icon at the bottom of your screen. Once that is open, scroll down and click on Add to Home Screen. This will create a faux app icon so you can access the community without having to log in all the time or access it through a web browser.

What does the community look like?

Here is a short video giving the mobile and desktop view.

Where can I find a group directory?

A site-wide group directory can be found here. You can only access this page if you are logged in as a member. 

Where can I find the member directory?

You can find a global member’s directory here. You can only access this page if you are logged in as a member. 

What is the Muse Feed?

The Muse Feed is the global activity wall where you can read all of the member’s posting unless they are specified as private. We call it the Muse Feed because it is our hope that it will be filled with inspiring, uplifting posts, videos, and resources meant to connect you with each other and your spiritual core. Your Muse Feed can be filtered however you like, by only groups, friends or all member’s activities. There are no manipulative algorithms or advertising – just pure inspiration.

What types of things can I post?

This is a community geared towards spiritual seekers all of kinds regardless of any affiliations.  This community is not meant to be a substitute for other social media platforms, rather a portal for connection, collaboration and expanded consciousness. We trust that our community will post and contribute in healthy and respectful ways. Please refer to our group/community guidelines and our We Believe statements for further information. 

Can I advertise events in the community?

The Chaos and Light Community wants to support leaders and conscious entrepreneurs of all types AND we want to respect our member’s right not to be bombarded with advertisements and promotional material. So we have created separate spaces for both. There will be no advertisements in the community or on the site. If you want to learn about paid upcoming events, you are just a click away from doing so. Just follow the link on the top menu bar. However, if you are uninterested in paid offerings by our community member’s you can stay within the community and never be marketed to. There are two exceptions to this. If someone start’s a private group and they set the intention that it is for that specific purpose, the group leader may promote events and offerings in that group. These posts will not sure up in the Muse Feed. Also, free events that are part of the monthly gatherings will be posted in the community for informational purposes. For example, the book club will post their events in the book club group. You can filter your Muse Feed if you wish not to receive notices from groups you don’t belong to.  

Profile Set-up

How Do I Set Up My Profile?

Your profile page is very flexible. You can make it as in-depth as you like. You can find your profile settings page here at any time you are logged in or by clicking on the My Profile link in the drop down menu under Community Portal. Then find the circle avatar on the right-hand side and click on the small down arrow. This will bring up your Profile Menu. Here you can click on Profile Settings. From this screen, you can upload your profile picture using the green icon and cover image using the pink icon. If you are on a mobile device, you will need to scroll down slightly to see the upload box. Once you click on upload, it will take a brief moment to see your success message.

After those are set, using the same Profile Menu, you can click on widget settings. Here you have many options to add sections like About Me, bio, skills, favorite quote, projects you are working on etc. Then all of this information will be added to the Profile that people will see when they visit your page. We encourage you to get creative. Here is an example of what is possible. Check out our detailed instructions here. 

What do all the icons mean on the profile settings page?

From left to right:

Blue Icon – Website homepage

Yellow Icon – Your profile page

Purple Icon – You can add your social networks to your profile

Green Icon – You can add/change your profile photo

Pink Icon – You can add/change your cover photo

Red Icon – Logout

Why can't I crop or re-position my cover photo?

Unfortunately, our programming does not allow for that at this time. We suggest using a photo that will look good regardless of where it is positioned, for example, scenery or flowers. If you have mad design skills you can play with it in a design program before uploading the photo to your profile. For best results, upload an image that is larger than 1350px wide by 350px tall.

Why is my photo uploading sideways?

Unfortunately, this is going to happen from time to time. We do have software in place to try and prevent this, but it has to do with the phone/camera’s orientation at the time the photo is taken and its EXIF data. You can try clicking edit on the photo you want to use, rotate it 180 degrees and save. Then, change it back to its upright position and save again. Then upload it. If that doesn’t work you may need to use a different photo. We understand this can be frustrating but there are so many different cameras/phones that there isn’t one easy solution that works all of the time. 

I'm on a mobile device and I can't find what I'm looking for?

If you are using a desktop/laptop to view the site there are quick links all over the place. If you are on a mobile device your best option is to use the arrow up button that shows up when you scroll. This will take you to the top menu. Click on the menu icon, then the Community Portal tab and you will find a variety of options to choose from that will get you where you want to go. There are also quick links in the footer (bottom bar of the website).


What is the difference between the membership levels?

There are three membership levels. The Monthly Membership is $14.99/month and can be canceled by you at any time, it comes with a 14-day free trial. The Yearly Membership is only $111/year and renews yearly unless not renewed. It also comes with a 14-day free trial. The Creators Membership, for a limited time only, is also $111/yr until the community grows. It has the added benefit of listing events or products/services in our events calendar, podcast & newsletter for free. As well as receiving technical support and access to our Zoom meeting rooms to host live and paid events.Email for more information.

All memberships offer access to our members-only, online spiritual community. The ability to create your own profile, connect and collaborate with other spiritual-seekers, and be inspired by our Muse Feed. Access to start or contribute to discussions in our members-only forum. Ability to start or join an existing group in an area of interest. Access to free resources such as articles, guided meditations, and select monthly events. A supportive environment where we will nurture leadership and growth among our members. 

I signed up for a Creator Membership, what benefits do I receive?

Our creators have the added benefit of listing events or products/services in our events calendar, podcast & newsletter for free. As well as receiving technical support and access to our Zoom meeting rooms to host live – free and paid events. Email if you would like to list an event or more information.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

We are sorry to see you go. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make this community better. But, if you must go, the control is within your hands. On your profile page– open the more tab – click on membership – click on subscriptions – cancel membership. You should receive an email confirmation notifying you of cancellation. 

What is your refund policy for yearly memberships?

We are sorry, we offer yearly memberships at such a great price we do not offer refunds. You are able to try the community risk-free for 14 days.


Can I join any group in the community?

As long as it isn’t set as hidden, you are welcome to join any community page that interests you. Please note that private groups are usually for promotional purposes or paid events. You can find a global group directory here. Please read the Group Guidelines page before joining. 

Can I start my own group?

Absolutely, we encourage it! Go to the group directory page and click on the link to Create a Group. If you are on a mobile device, click on the drop-down menu and follow the ‘create a group’ link. Please read the Group Guidelines page before creating a group. 

Do I need to be an expert to start a group?

The best leaders aren’t always the experts. If you have a deep passion or interest in something related to spirituality and want to help facilitate discussions, share insights, and host gatherings then we encourage you to start a group. If you feel it is too big a job for one person, invite others to co-lead with you. We really want this to be an egalitarian endeavor.  Please read the Group Guidelines page before starting a group.

Can I create a private group?

Yes, you can create a private group. Just adjust the privacy settings when creating the group. When a group is listed as private, it will still show up in the group directory and search results, however, the group activity/posts will not show up in the timeline. 


Where do I find out about upcoming events?

You can view all events from our Events page. Toggle between the list view or calendar view depending on your preference.

Can I add an event to the events calendar?

Yes, we would love to support you. If you are offering your event for free as part of a gathering for a group you lead, we will list the event for free on our calendar. If you are wanting to host a paid event and have it listed in our calendar and newsletter, there will be a small listing fee (unless you have a Creators Membership). Please email for more information. 

I'm not technically inclined, do you provide support for hosting live events and/or monthly gatherings?

Absolutely. We want to support community leaders as much as possible. Technical support is one of the added benefits of our Creators Membership tier. However, if you are a group leader and need assistance with a free gathering, we will give you the initial support you need to get up and running as well. We have Zoom rooms available for use. Additinal fees may apply depending on the complexity of the events and services needed. These will be disclosed upfront. Email for more information.


How can I start a discussion in the forum?

Visit the forum page once you have logged in. Click on the category that most suits the topic you want to discuss. Click on the button for ‘new topic’. This will open up a new box. Put the heading or question of your discussion in the subject line (please be specific) then add your thoughts in the comment box below. If you would like to be notified when people add to your discussion, check the ‘subscribe to this topic’ box and then hit submit. Please read the forum guidelines before contributing. 

How can I add my thoughts to a forum discussion?

Visit the forum page once you have logged in. Click on the post that you would like to discuss. This will give you access to all the other comments posted in that thread. You can add to the discussion by hitting the ‘reply’ button at the top or bottom of the page. If you would like to be notified when people add to the thread, click on the ‘subscribe to this topic’ link at the bottom of the page. Please read the forum guidelines before contributing.

Leadership & Contributions

What are the ways I can contribute to the community?

There are many ways to contribute.

  • Be an active member of your community. Post and contribute thoughtful comments and resources.
  • You can create a group in an area of interest.
  • You can start a discussion in our forum.
  • You can write articles for our blog.
  • You can lead an online gathering.

Please contact us if you would like to take more of a leadership role in the community. We would love to support you in this endeavor.