About the Community

How Do I Set Up My Profile?

Your profile page is very flexible. You can make it as in-depth as you like. The first thing to do is go to the circle avatar on the right-hand side and click on the small down arrow. This will bring up your Profile Menu. Here you can click on Profile Settings. From this screen, you can upload your profile picture and cover image. Once those are set, using the same Profile Menu, you can click on widget settings. Here you have many options to add things like About, ME, bio, skills, projects you are working on etc. Then all of this information will be added to your Overview or Profile that people will see when they visit your page. We encourage you to get creative. 

Where can I find a group directory?

A site-wide group directory can be found here. 

Where can I find the member directory?

You can find a global member’s directory here. 

What is the Muse Feed?

The Muse Feed is the global wall where you can read all of the member’s postings unless they were specified as private. We call it the Muse Feed because it is our hope that it will be filled with inspiring, uplifting posts, videos, and resources meant to connect you with each other and your spiritual essence.

What types of things can I post?

This is a community geared towards spiritual seekers all of kinds regardless of any affiliations.  This community is not meant to be a substitute for other social media platforms, rather a portal for connection, collaboration and expanded consciousness. We trust that our community will post and contribute in healthy and respectiveful ways. Please refer to our community guidelines and our We Believe statements for further information. 

Can I advertise events in the community?

The Chaos and Light Community wants to support leaders and conscious entrepreneurs of all types and we want to respect our member’s right not to be bombarded with promotional material. So we have created separate spaces for both. There will be no promotions within the community. If you want to learn about upcoming events, see what people are offering in the Mystic Market, you are just a click away from doing so. Just follow the link on the top menu bar. However, if you are uninterested in offerings by our community member’s you can stay within the community and never see by marketed to. There are two exceptions to this. If someone start’s a private group and they set the intention that it is for a specific purpose, the group leader may promote events in that group. Also, free events that are part of the monthly gatherings, may post informational posts about upcoming gatherings. For example, the book club will post the time and place for meetings. 


How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

We are sorry to see you go. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make this community better. But, if you must go, the control is within your hands. On your profile page– open the menu tab on the left – click on membership – click on subscriptions – cancel membership. You should receive an email confirmation notifying you of cancellation. 

What is your refund policy for yearly memberships?

We are sorry, we do not offer refunds on our yearly memberships. 

What is the difference between the membership levels??

With both memberships, you are able to have a free 14-day trial before purchasing your membership. The monthly membership is $14.99/month and can be canceled by you at any time. The yearly membership is only $111/year and renews yearly unless not renewed. Both memberships offer access to our members-only, online spiritual community. The ability to create your own profile, connect and collaborate with other spiritual-seekers, and be inspired by our Muse Feed. Access to start or contribute to discussions in our members-only forum. Ability to start or join an existing group in an area of interest. Access to free resources such as articles, guided meditations, and select monthly events. A supportive environment where we will nurture leadership and growth among our members. And the ability to list events or products/services in our events calendar, Mystic Market & newsletter (small listing fee required)


Can I join any group in the community?

As long as it isn’t a private group, you are welcome to join any community page that interests you. You can find a global group directory here. 

Can I create a private group?

Yes, you start a private group. Just adjust the privacy settings when creating the group. 

Can I start my own group?

Absolutely, we encourage it! Go to the group directory page and click on the link to Create a Group. If you are on a mobile device, click on the drop-down menu and follow the ‘create a group’ link. 

The Mystic Shop

Can I sell items in your Mystic Shop?

Absolutely. Our Mystic Shop is designed to support the creatives, artisans, teachers, and writers of the community. Please contact us directly for more information on selling your high-vibe, hand-made products in our shop.

Leadership & Contributions

What are the ways I can contribute to the community?

There are many ways to contribute.

  • You can create a group in an area of interest.
  • You can start a discussion in our forum.
  • You can write articles for our blog.
  • You can lead an online gathering.

Please contact us if you would like to take more of a leadership role in the community. We would love to support you in this endeavor.