The Golden Flower Podcast

A Sanctuary For Your Creative Soul

Do you feel your soul calling you toward a more creative life? Is there something powerful that wants to come through your unique being? The call of our unexplored potential does not diminish with time. If anything it gets louder and more difficult to ignore. We believe that when you honor the creative impulse, by showing up and being present, it unlocks profound insight and personal growth.

The Golden Flower podcast is a symbol of radiance, receptivity, and consciousness. As we unfold the mystery and beauty of the creative process, we embrace the transformation that comes from being in harmony with our deepest vision and expression.

We are Angela and Gemma, two mothers, artists, coaches, and meditation teachers, who have come together to begin a new cycle of creative self-expression. Join us for an energizing, free-flow conversation that will open the door to new perspectives and shine fresh light on your endeavors.

Tune into possibility with The Golden Flower. A sanctuary for your creative soul.

Topics Include:

  • Creativity

  • Creative Living

  • The Artistic Process

  • Moving Through Resistance

  • Archetypes, symbols, and metaphor

  • The power of story

  • Meaning-making and mind maps

  • Activating human potential

  • Personal growth & development

Digital gold flower over a painting

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About The Hosts:

Gemma Kauffman
Intensely intuitive, introspective, former wild child Gemma credits her recent decade of ‘wrestling with complexity’ (aka abstract painting) for connecting her with her deepest desires and for making it through the initiation of maiden to mother. She loves deep conversation and pondering the mysteries of self-expression; which she experiences as a portal or cosmic mirror.

Since a spiritual awakening on a volcanic island, Gemma has been following the golden threads of art life and encouraging others to do the same. Future self? It used to be Kate Bush, cloudbusting on a hillside, cocooned in brightly painted silk- these days… tbc! A creative coach and meditation teacher, she enjoys family life, off-grid, in Portugal.

You can see Gemma’s paintings at:

Angela Levesque
As a prolific wordsmith, transformational guide and digital wizard, Angela Levesque spends a lot of her time listening to the whispers of the Universe. Translating those whispers into stories, classes, art, insights, and meditations has been her life’s work.

She is a lover of problem-solving and thinking on her feet. And is always willing to dive off the cliff and learn how to fly on the way down if the creative force beckons. The latest incarnation of her life’s work can be found at or read her Substack at