Expanding Your Consciousness Through Conscious Intention

Each December, I feel a nudge to create an intention for the upcoming year. The nudge is a combination of internal arisings and external cultural rituals. I really look forward to this practice. I feel a sense of excitement for whatever is to come and the wisdom that is certain to unveil itself. It is a practice of internal listening and trust in the Divine, my Higher Self, and life. 


Intention setting has evolved into a skill set of tracking my conscious awareness through personal evolution. I instruct my awareness to remain vigilant to alert my attention to relevant events. Over the course of the year, I am able to evolve my consciousness as I chart my evolution through the themes revealed through listening to my Higher Self. It is a method of actively co-creating how I experience my life.


A Suggested Practice

Try this process to explore intuitive intention setting on your own:

Ask your Higher Self for the intention or theme of the upcoming year. Then listen. A single word or short phrase will begin to echo repeatedly in your awareness. If you are unclear on the word or phrase your consciousness or Higher Self is attempting to communicate, write what you think it is or the possibilities of what it could be in your journal. Then continue to listen over the next days to weeks, and continue journaling what arises in your mind. 


Each time you journal, you externalize what is floating around in your mind. Some of it is useful, and some is just ramblings of your programming or influence from the collective consciousness. Sometimes the message is loud and persistent. Other times the message is subtle and ephemeral. First, journaling the loud and persistent message acknowledges them. Once their voice has been heard they will make space for subsequent and more subtle messages, both related and unrelated. 


Premonition & Probability

Instead of goal-setting or self-improvement, intention is part premonition, part probability, and part choice. Once you have clarified your intention, you create a receptacle within your awareness to notice, be alerted to, and receive anything you may encounter internally or externally related to that intention. Some events are predetermined. Some events are created through conscious choice. They may have a united theme, in this case your chosen Intention.


Listening for your intention from your Higher Self can open your awareness to highlighted future events in your upcoming timeline or lifestream. Some events are predetermined. It’s like you made a date with yourself before you were born to have certain experiences with certain people. Other events are probabilities based on your actions and choices. Previous choices, and the degree to which you have smoothed unhelpful grooves of thinking, feeling, and behaving result in outcomes, consequences, and feedback. The theme of your Intention offers support in making meaning of any of these events, and how you can integrate the knowledge they offer into wisdom.



Raise Your Frequency

Your actions, choices, and feelings affect your frequency. Maintaining higher frequency is dependent on your choices of: actions you take, choosing to seek healing, identifying and rooting out destructive habits, and creating positive habits. However, maintaining higher frequency does not suggest the elimination of feelings and emotions, or even certain “undesirable” emotions. We are human, and feelings and emotions are part of the package. Optimally, our feelings and emotions will ebb and flow as we encounter pleasant surprises and work through challenges. 


Draw Attention to Your Intention

Many other methods of intention setting exist. Most people naturally engage in intention setting by creating a list of what they really, really want, or how they want to be. You can draw even more intention to the highest priority or most important entries on your list by creating more formal actions to set them into action. Stating the intention out loud in ceremony, alone or with others, creates a clear declaration to the Universe and any other consciousness witnessing your clear intent. 


You can make the ceremony deliberate and meaningful by writing your intention on a special piece of paper and planting it in the earth like a seed. Similarly, you can offer the intention to a sacred fire. Using fire as an ally in intention setting is particularly useful when the intention includes an element of purification or transformation. 


You can also create a symbolic representation of your intention through handcrafting an object. Examples include carving symbols into a piece of wood, hand scraping an object into a bowl-shape, sewing your intentions into a poppet (doll), making prayer ties, and creating any work of art. Any of these created objects can be blessed with water or sacred oil for additional emphasis.


When to set intentions:

  • The new year
  • The new moon
  • Your birthday
  • After a significant ending
  • At the beginning or any new cycle
  • When life feels stagnant
  • Any time you feel you need a fresh start
  • When you feel you Higher Self or Guides nudging you
  • During a significant journey
  • When visiting a sacred site



Take Action!

The final step includes taking action! Taking action on any guidance received from your consciousness or Higher Self grounds, integrates, and actualizes the knowledge received into wisdom. Actualized wisdom is the outcome of raised vibration and expanding your consciousness, also known as ascending consciousness. 


Actualized wisdom enables us to make healthier choices, improve relationships, deepen healing, and heighten compassion for self and other. It moves us in the direction of retrieving and embodying our ascended qualities and abilities. It is indicative of evolving spiritual maturity that leads to leadership and service to the whole and ALL.


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