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During this pandemic, did we miss a golden opportunity to explore what true health looks like?  How can we as individuals support our immune systems? What are some small changes we can make that make a big difference in our health?  In this episode, Jeff Simpson and Angela Levesque discuss many components that support our well-being. We look at intermittent fasting, technology use, and why he feels reading is so important. We also explore nutrition and how to eat in ways that are aligned with our busy lives and our unique biochemistry.

About the Guest

Man on a rockJeff Simpson, is a father, husband, fitness fanatic, nutrition junkie, and soul searcher. Over the past several years he found a new zest for life. Excited to get each day started with joy and enthusiasm. To stay active he does CrossFit and is a CF-L1 trainer. He loves to practice meditation and enjoys reading a good book. With his beautiful wife, they have also ventured into nutrition coaching and created their own guided journal. He recently wrote the book Health Mind Soul: 8 Steps To Finding Your Inner Peace in pursuit of bringing greater awareness to the amazing wonders life has to offer.

His goal is to provide the support, information, and motivation you need to achieve and maintain your goals. He is committed to helping you realize and unlock your full potential. One size does not fit all! Life is about the Health Mind Soul connection.