In today’s episode, Angela Levesque explores the boxes that we put ourselves in. Exploring when these boxes serve us and when they harm us on the Divine Spectacle. Followed by how to reconcile dualities in our nature. In today’s Sacred Mind segment we look at the difference between polarity and duality and why embracing our duality is really the key to an authentic life.  Then, on this week’s It’s Worth Your Time, we talk about of Ash Beckham’s TEDtalks about how to speak your truth during hard conversations.

In this episode:

    • In the Divine Spectacle segment, we explore the positive and negative impacts of the labels we use to divide ourselves into groups.
    • In the Sacred Mind segment, we look at duality
      • We look at the difference between polarity and duality
      • The reality that most people are walking contradictions and why that is okay.
      • How to embrace our duality for a more authentic life
    • In the It’s Worth Your Time segment: Ash Beckham’s TEDTalk We are all hiding something, let’s find the courage to open up.
    • Another great resource: Ash Beckham’s TEDTalk Owning your Duality.