Plotted trees with dying leaves
Life from stars now to dust
A dying breed hollowed by greed
A dream from gold to rust

I’m asked to hope, on a short held rope
While being fed fear and rage
Calculated distraction, incorporated factions
Taking more than they gave

I’m asked to buy while others die
The myth of famine and feast
Sold luxury living as we kill with precision
But never question the beast

Because money speaks but does not seek
A value beyond the cost
While Mother cries, Father hides
All that she has lost

And yet there’s sight, on our darkest night
Once asleep but now awake
The illusion of ‘Them’, is ready to end
Time to embrace and not forsake

Humans unite, it is our rite
To enrich all, not just the few
As the systems fall, we must call
For the world to be born anew

Photo Credit: Tara Lancaster