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  • Please keep posts, gatherings, and discussion on topic and directly related to the group. 

  • Communicate and create with mindfulness and loving intention.

  • Embrace diversity and different ideas.

  • Collaborate to raise the consciousness of the group, our community, and humanity.

  • You are welcome to market yourself, your services, and your creations within a group you have created.

  • Chaos & Light Community is a “politics-free zone”, although we do believe it is important and essential to honor, listen to, and acknowledge “humans with stories” (~Shiloh Sophia). We encourage you to ask yourself what we can learn from those stories, and how we can utilize the experiences shared to influence and shape the kind of world we want to live in.

  • Remember that we are all connected in more ways than we can discern, and that Chaos & Light Community is a quantum space to fulfill our human need of connection.

  • Kindness and gratitude create magic.

  • Keep the topics of the group focused around the themes of spirituality, expansion of consciousness, and activation of human potential.

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