This meditation guides you to open your heart and receive the supportive energy of the Earth. Then it invites you to imagine the possibilities of what you want to create. You are guided to seed your future with your potential. Finally, you are invited to receive your potential through the Music of The Spheres.

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 Music credit by ContiMusic: The Mirror from the album Relaxing Music Reflections
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(copyright 2021 Lisa Martin Naimi)
I invite you to begin with closing your eyes and taking three relaxing breaths
And with every exhale I invite you to allow your body to move deeper into relaxation
Inhaling and exhaling
Allowing yourself to move deeper and deeper into the state of relaxation
With every exhale
And you might even begin to notice now, where you feel your consciousness within your body
Just noticing now where your consciousness is within your body
And wherever it might be, I invite you to allow your consciousness to begin to gently move towards your heart space
Feeling your focused intent in your heart space
And breathing here, inhaling and exhaling with your consciousness centered within your heart space
And with every inhale and exhale you notice how your body continues to more and more deeply relax
And as you relax you might notice how your energy is traveling down your pranic core and into your sacral and root chakras
Even allowing yourself to feel your energy field begin to relax and open to your intention
Noticing now as you relax your heart energy begins to build
And as your heart energy builds your throat both relaxes and build energy
You might even notice your shoulder begin to relax as the builder energy lifts away tension and over responsibility
Yes, you are doing enough
Yes, you are enough
You are enough
Now is the time to rest and relax
And as you relax notice your energy traveling down to your root chakra and tailbone
Your grounding energy is expanding 360 degrees around you na down to your feet
I invite you to notice how you can feel the energy of the earth rise up to greet you
And as your grounding energy expands your heart and throat continue to build their energy and also expand
Your heart and throat have expanded so much that they have expanded their energy up the the 3rd eye and crown chakras
Even the back of your heart chakra now begins to respond, relax and expand
And as it does, the energy in your throat continues to build
Your whole system is opening to more potential and possibility
If you can allow yourself to imagine now and open to the possibilities opening before you of what you really want to create
Opening to what your heart wants to create
Opening to the beauty and capacity to hold and flow the power of love within you
And using your imagination, even if you’re not sure that you can, but allowing yourself just the same
What do you see coming into focus within the energy of potential and possibility within you?
It might arise as something you see, it might arise as something you hear, or it might arise as something you feel
What do you see?
Coming into focus with the energy of potential and possibility within you
What do you see, hear or feel forming before you in your mind’s eye?
In your imagination?
Where and to what does your heart wish to direct you?
How can you be more of you?
How can you access more of the beauty and love inside you?
How can you allow the beauty and love to expand and grow and build from inside of you to outside of you?
Notice that these vision of possibility and potential are seeding your future
Your future of the reality that is calling you forward as you rise up to meet it
And even if you don’t see it, hear it, or feel it, you can know that it is happening
Rising up by allowing your frequency to rise to meet your set point of your soul origin
Noticing now as you rise you have entered the space and dimension of the spheres
And you can allow yourself to see the spheres floating around you
What do the spheres represent for you?
You might even allow yourself to feel the energy, frequency and vibration of the spheres
And allow the spheres to interact with you, with your energy field
Notice as you allow the spheres to interact with you you continue to relax as your frequency and vibration continue to rise
You can even hear the music of the spheres now as you watch the spheres gently moving, floating, co-mingling
And as your vibration continues to rise you can begin to see the potentials and possibility within the spheres
Your potential and possibility sourced in love in joy in bliss
Your potential of possibility rising and rising, and as you rise you might begin to notice your body release pain, congestion, restriction, and fear
You can even give yourself permission now
To allow your body to release pain congestion restriction and fear
Softly and gently, they leave your body now as you continue to relax
And let go of ways of thinking feeling and behaving that no longer serve you
You can just let those go now
Freeing you to accept and allow the possibilities and potential before you
And allow the energy of the earth rise up to support you
Knowing that it can be better than you ever thought possible
You can continue to hear the music of the spheres
Notice now as one of the spheres of your possibility and potential moves closer to you now
As it moves closer it begins to shift into clearer focus
You are able to see, hear, or feel its color or texture and hear its frequency
You can even feel its vibration attuning to your vibration
You can feel the vibration of the sphere attuning your vibration
And if it feels good to you, you can even allow it to move into your energy field
And if you choose to allow this sphere of possibility and potential move into your energy field
You notice you can feel and see it moving into resonance with your energy centers
Seeding you with your own possibility and potential
As you allow yourself to receive your own possibility and potential
You can notice it becoming more grounded within your physical form
You may even feel your possibility and potential moving into the cells of your arms hands and fingers now
You may even feel your possibility and potential opening your heart and your lungs now
Noticing how your can breathe even more deeply
You can allow yourself to feel it relaxing your shoulders and back now as you dwell in possibility
Potentially envisioning future versions of yourself embodying your empowerment, confidence, love, joy, satisfaction and fulfillment
Envisioning future version of yourself embodying your empowerment, confidence, love, joy, satisfaction and fulfillment
A life well lived
A life well lived
Giving yourself permission now to ground this future reality from your heart down through your torso, into your hips, down through your legs, and out through your feet
Infusing it into the earth and your physical reality
Allowing yourself to become grounded and rooted now, while maintaining your new frequency
Grounded and rooted while maintaining your new frequency of potential and possibility
Walking into your future now
The energy of your future is here now
And now we will begin to move back towards awakened consciousness
Lifting your hands now and bringin the palms of your hands together
Slowly beginning to rub your hands together, generating more and more heat
Noticing as the heat builds between your palms
And when your hands are warm,
Placing the palms of your hands over your eyes, fingertips pointing towards the sky
And when you are ready, opening your eyes and placing your hands in your lap

Fully awake and conscious now

Awaken to Your Human Potential

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