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Is shame really about power? Can it ever be productive? How has it evolved as we’ve evolved? Shame shows up in our culture in a variety of ways. It can be an internal experience brought on by living outside of our own values. Or it can be imposed on us by people or organizations trying to control or modify our behavior. In this episode, Nick Jaworski and Angela Levesque explore the many facets of this complex emotion. And look at some of the ways it is being used in the age of social media.


Shame Rules!

Bill Maher on Shame

About the Guest:

Nick Jaworski is a digital audio producer, podcast host, and founder of Podcast Monster, a digital audio production company. Over the past six years, Nick has been producing and editing podcasts with New York Times Best-Selling authors, thought leaders, Silicon Valley tech companies, and other entrepreneurs. His company, Podcast Monster, has produced episodes that have been downloaded over 20 million times and one of his own podcasts, Where There’s Smoke, has been recognized by publications like the A.V. Club’s Podmass.

Currently, Nick is passionate about his new show, Shame Rules!, which explores the hidden ways that shame shapes our world. Each episode explores the way that shame has helped determine the outcome of so many stories. Nick has spent 15 months carefully crafting all six episodes of Shame Rules! In hopes that by understanding how shame shapes our lives, it will help us to navigate the future in a better, more healthy way.