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Water is the most programmable substance in the world. Is it possible to use technology to program water with an intention designed for our healing and empowerment? In this episode, Peter Schenk shares with us his decades-long passion for blending spirituality with modern-day technologies. Combining ancient wisdom and knowledge with the zero-point field. We explore the role that technology can and should play in our global awakening and why pushing the boundaries of consciousness is necessary for manifesting our true potential.

About the Guest

Man in suitIn addition to developing and perfecting powerful quantum energy-based software platforms, Modern Day Mystic Founder Peter Schenk provides continued outreach through weekly podcasts, lectures to groups around the world, workshops and one-on-one sessions. For nearly twenty years, Peter has been on a mission to marry the physical and the meta-physical through the mystical power of numbers.

Before creating Modern Day Mystic, Peter Schenk developed software to bolster the fortunes of one of the largest financial institutions on the planet. But after a turning point in his spiritual awakening, he realized he was intended to serve a greater purpose. Since that time, Peter’s gaze has been fastened to improving the fortune of humankind, helping to prepare humanity for the New Age.



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