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The Chaos & Light Podcast is a playground for mind, mystery, and our human potential. Listen in each week as host, Angela Levesque looks at humanity’s current challenges through a spiritual lens. Taking a deep dive into consciousness, spirituality and personal growth, we explore the chaos and the light of the human condition. Looking at the truth of where we stand and the opportunities that lie ahead from both the material and mystical perspectives.

Topics Include:

  • Current events through a spiritual lens
  • The mind/body relationship
  • Role of the modern mystic
  • How the Masculine/Feminine energies interact in our material world
  • Archetypes, symbols and metaphor
  • Tools for the newly awakened
  • Guides and spiritual teachers
  • Meaning making
  • Paradigm busting and deconstructing constructs
  • Our multidimensionality  

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Defining Consciousness

Maybe consciousness is more mystical than we think. What if we have more control over our outcomes than we realize? Join us as we explore the primacy of consciousness and why it is the key to our true human potential.   In this episode: We define consciousness...

Humanity’s New Operating System

Have you ever felt you were destined to be part of something important? Does the American Dream seem false and hollow, like humans were designed for something more? It’s time for us to install a new OS. One that activates our latent potential. Listen in as we explore...

Impeachment and Our Shadow Walk

In the face of rapid advancements and existential threats we no longer have the luxury of propagating the 'us vs them' narrative. It is time to look at our dark side and figure out who we are and where we want to go as a global society. Join us as we explore why...

Spirituality For The Rational Mind

Often the word spirituality becomes synonymous with a belief in God. However, spirituality is a broader term that is really about our search for meaning. Listen in as Angela Levesque argues that when conscious, everyone is inherently spiritual and why this matters in...

Cancel Culture and Its Impact on our Inner & Outer Freedom

One of the greatest threats to our personal freedom is the cancel culture. Listen in as we explore why it's important to be feel uncomfortable and how that helps to liberate us in an increasingly complex world. What's In This Podcast? The impact technology has on our...

The Victim & The Addict

We all have a little of the Addict archetype in us. Some times it's as obvious as the junky getting high under the bridge or as insidious as revisiting our Instagram posts every time it pings. But what roles does the addict play, could it be protecting your victim?...

The Masculine & Feminine Principles in Action

The masculine and feminine principles underpin our reality. How do we use the concepts of these principles as a framework to understand our politics, our relationships, and our worldview?What's in this podcast?The attributes of the feminine/masculine energiesExample...