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The Chaos & Light Podcast is a playground for mind, mystery, and our human potential. Listen in each week as host, Angela Levesque looks at humanity’s current challenges through a spiritual lens. Taking a deep dive into consciousness, spirituality and personal growth, we explore the chaos and the light of the human condition. Looking at the truth of where we stand and the opportunities that lie ahead from both the material and mystical perspectives.

Topics Include:

  • Current events through a spiritual lens
  • The mind/body relationship
  • Role of the modern mystic
  • How the Masculine/Feminine energies interact in our material world
  • Archetypes, symbols and metaphor
  • Tools for the newly awakened
  • Guides and spiritual teachers
  • Meaning making
  • Paradigm busting and deconstructing constructs
  • Our multidimensionality  

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About the Host

Angela has a clinical background as an exercise physiologist and wellness consultant, as well as training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Reconnective Healing, hypnosis, and meditation. This allows her to take an integrative approach to her work. She knows that our level of awareness governs every aspect of our lives. So she assists her clients in understanding how they operate, why they make the choices they make, and how to make meaningful change.

Angela teaches weekly drop-in classes on mind/body skills. She also instructs classes and workshops both on and offline on topics of personal growth, the nature of consciousness and spirituality. Her first book entitled Healing Environment: The Conscious Creation of Health outlines the individual, spiritual and environmental roots of our health crisis.


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