The Chaos & Light Podcast is a playground for mind, mystery, and our human potential. Listen in each week as host, Angela Levesque and her guest take a deep dive into consciousness, spirituality and personal growth. We explore the chaos and the light of the human condition. Looking at the truth of where we stand and the opportunities that lie ahead from both the material and mystical perspectives.


Topics Include:

  • Current events through a spiritual lens
  • The mind/body relationship
  • Creativity
  • Conscious living & integrative health practices
  • Role of the modern mystic
  • Archetypes, symbols, and metaphor
  • The power of story
  • Tools for the newly awakened
  • Meaning-making and mind maps
  • Activating human potential
  • Personal growth & development
  • Our multidimensionality

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About the Host

Angela Levesque is an author, intuitive & spiritual guide. She has a clinical background as an exercise physiologist and wellness consultant, as well as training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Reconnective Healing, hypnosis, and meditation. She also teaches many classes on and offline on mind/body skills, personal growth, the nature of consciousness and spirituality.


Entanglement Radio

Entanglement Radio focused on exploring humanity’s next step. Listen in as Angela Levesque and her guest explore the potential and infinite possibilities of what it means to be human in science, technology, health, personal growth, and consciousness.


On Health & Healing

This show is where science and spirituality merge. As a society today, we are suffering more than ever from diseases of lifestyle, it is time to ask ourselves why? To look beyond just the physical and understand how our mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects interact to create health and healing. We will discuss the science and research being done in fields such as Mind/Body Medicine, Energy Medicine, and other integrative disciplines. As well as explore facets of healing from all perspectives in complementary and alternative medicine.