Discerning Emotions


Discerning Emotions is a mindfulness-based meditation that is part of the Emotions series. It assists the listener in understanding where emotions are held and how they are experienced by the body.

How are different emotions felt and experienced by the body? In this mindfulness-based practice, the listener is asked to experience both light (positive) and dense (negative) emotions such as love, anger, joy, and fear, among others. Emotions are sensations with a story. They arise when certain conditions arise and they dissipate when those conditions change. This process of discerning emotions helps us to understand how they are felt and experienced by the body so that we learn that emotions are not who we are. The listener will learn to witness their emotions rather than become entangled or identify with them. The meditation ends with love and the circulating of positive feelings throughout your entire being so you will not be left with any lingering negativity.

Music Credit: meditative

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