Flowing with Change Meditation


The Flowing with Change meditation offers a profound journey of grounding, release, and embracing change with breath, water, and visualization.

The Flowing with Change meditation offers a profound journey of grounding, releasing, and embracing change through breath and visualization. Leaving you feeling refreshed, centered, and balanced. The meditation encourages you to embrace the flow of life with ease and grace, acknowledging your connection to the natural world and the divine timing inherent in all things. Using first the breath, and then the water, as a vehicle for moving struck, frenetic or unwanted energy out of the body. 

So much of our suffering comes from trying to stop the flow, to stifle the restlessness. but we are able to find relief from being able to flow with the movement of the natural world. This is a perfect meditation for anyone who has a low level background anxiety or someone who wants to invite more of the element of water into their life. 

This meditation is best listened to with headphones for an optimal sound experience.

Music Credit: OctahedronMusic

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