The Celestine Prophecy was written near the end of the last century but many of its teachings are more relevant than ever. Everywhere we look people are competing for power and deeply entrenched in control dramas. But, there is hope for humanity if we can learn to source power from Universal consciousness rather than from each other. This podcast re-visits the 9 Insights through the lens of our current experience.

In this episode:

  • We explore the question, what are you plugged into? If we are the sum of the five people we hang out with, is our online time spent around negativity and divisiveness?
  • We explore the first nine insights outlined in The Celestine Prophecy.
  • First Insight – Synchronicities – Becoming aware of the meaningful coincidences around us that are meant to wake us up to the energetic and magical workings of the universe. The more we become aware of them, the more they happen.
  • Second Insight – Taking the Long View – Putting our current awareness into a longer historical perspective. Over the last millennium, we moved from using faith alone to describe our world, into looking toward science to answer the BIG questions. When science was unable to answer all the questions, we moved toward making our lives comfortable. This led to the bi-products of progress – pollution, stress, disconnection. But we are waking up to the idea that there is something more meaningful intended for us that blends both science and spirituality.
  • Third Insight – Everything is Energy – The basic stuff of the universe is vibrating strings of energy. We can see this energy by first, seeing the beauty and then appreciating the uniqueness of things. Then expand our awareness outward from that place. Using this process we can learn to see and experience energy.
  • Fourth Insight – Competing for Energy – This describes our struggle for power. When we control another person, we steal their energy. You feel strong, they feel weak. This had led to every conflict, large and small, that humans face. We are trying to take the only energy we have available to us in an unconscious state – the energy that flows between humans.
  • Fifth Insight – Tapping into Source Energy. Humans need to learn and experience connecting to the mystical consciousness or Source energy through experiences rather than taking energy from one another.  This can be glimpsed through mystical experiences but the idea is to source this energy all the time. Love is the background emotion that exists when we are connected to the universe. 
  • Sixth Insight – Understanding our Control Dramas. In order to act consciously and source universal energy, we need to understand the ways we were taught to take energy from another person. These were developed in childhood in response to our parent’s control dramas. In the book, James outlines four types of control dramas.  Being Aloof: This is withdrawing from people and conversations in order to appear mysterious. This makes the person want to figure you out and try to pull you out of your shell. The Interrogator: This type uses criticism and judgment to take the energy from another person. The Poor Me: This drama is about getting people to feel sorry for you, it uses guilt and pity as the primary way to draw energy. The Intimidator: This person uses aggression and/or violence to take energy. This insight also asks you to look at these questions: Why were you born into your family? What would you change about your parents? What would help them heal their control dramas? These questions help you to understand your life’s purpose.
  • Seventh Insight – Intuition as a Guide –  When we have enough energy we are able to engage in conscious evolution. Truly become the co-creator of your experience – The next phase in human evolution. We do this by asking the right questions about what it is we are truly looking for at the moment. This gives us clarity about our true desires. Then we use our intuition, for example, what pops into your mind after asking the question? Do you have clear feelings or notions about what you are to do next? Then look for the synchronicities that occur around our inquiry. This is how we consciously evolve.
  • Eighth Insight – Our Interpersonal Ethic – This insight is all about how we relate to others. It talks about parenting and how we try to dominate children and live out our control dramas. Thus forcing them to create their own in order to take back some of the energy. It also warns us of becoming addicted to other people either through lusting after someone, like in the early phases of a relationship. Or longterm co-dependent situations. A healthy relationship won’t be able to form until each individual can source their own energy from Source instead of each other. We also need to be in touch with the Divine Feminine/Masculine energies within ourselves regardless of our sex. But once we do, we can actually lift each other up and help one another reach new heights that are greater than the sum of the individual. Learning to consciously evolve with other people and even in groups, if all members can receive energy from source instead of one another.
  • Conscious Evolution – Our Human Potential – We are going to see a massive shift in culture as more people move through and live by these insights. We will see a shift in our modes of production, utilizing automation so our time will be freed up to focus on more meaningful pursuits. And by moving into a state of giving by giving energy, giving time, giving resources, the natural consequence will be an abundant universe for all living beings and Mother Earth. 


The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

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