Scott Shay on God, Faith and Atheism

Scott Shay on God, Faith and Atheism

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Do we need God for a moral society? If there is a God, how could he allow such human atrocities? Is doubt an important part of faith? In this episode, Scott Shay and Angela Levesque explore some of the big questions around God. Scott addresses many of the critiques and criticisms atheists and others have around a faith-based life. Scott contends that idolatry is at the foundation of most of these critiques and we often mistake it for true faith. We also explore the lack of meaning in science and why scientism is now a modern form of idolatry. 

About the Guest

ManScott A. Shay is a Co-Founder and Chairman of Signature Bank and he is also the Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Elah Fund, an Israel private equity fund. He is a passionate community activist as well. Scott started an adult educational program, chaired several major Jewish educational programs and, with his wife Susan, started a Hebrew School. He is the author of In Good Faith: Questioning Religion and Atheism and Getting our Groove Back: How to Energize American Jewry. He has also written articles on Judaism, belief and the economy for many leading publications. Scott has been thinking about religion, reason, and modernity since wondering why his parents sent him to Hebrew school.


Scott Shay