Freeing Our Personal Power

Freeing Our Personal Power

The path of the warrior is an approach to life that aims to maximize our potential and deepen our relationship with the Universe. Warriorship focuses on inner transformation and views the world through the lens of energy and power. A warrior is someone who seeks freedom through choice, takes radical responsibility for their actions, and is a master of their intent. There is much to be gained by walking this path and increasing and freeing our personal power, even for the most novice warrior. Understanding that the path is not a place you reach, rather a process of continued self-mastery. As Robert Spencer describes it in The Craft of the Warrior, “….it provides a strategic blueprint for self-organization.”

What is a Warrior?

In her book, Warrior Goddess Training, HeatherAsh Amara explains warriors in this way, “Warrior energy is a combination of focus, dedication, purpose, and determination. Consciously bringing these things together gives us power.” This quest for power is really about our pursuit of growth and personal evolution. It is about wanting to dive deep into the mystery and magnificence of the Universe and living with the knowledge that we are part of that magnificence. A warrior is humbled by this truth and lives accordingly.

What is Personal Power?

We are all born with a certain amount of personal power. Some describe it as a form of life force energy that allows for our existence. However, a warrior is interested in more than just existing. To do this, she must deepen her relationship with the Unknown. Our personal power expands as our knowledge of one’s self, and the Universe deepens. The more personal power we have, the more able we are to traverse the unknown realms. It is the fuel of the warrior, and through our awareness and heightened perception, we engage in an energetic relationship with everything around us. Personal power allows us to transcend, transmute and transform ourselves in powerful ways. 

Our use and acquiring of this power in efficient and effective ways is what the Toltecs call impeccability. As a spiritual guide, don Juan Matus said, “Impeccability is nothing else but the proper use of energy.” Some call this our ability to do or take action in the world in alignment with our intent. So, as we take conscious effort and use our energy efficiently and effectively, we build our personal power.

The Path With Heart

Carlos Castaneda writes, “It is the consistent choice of the path with heart which makes a warrior different from the average man.” The path with heart looks different for everyone, but it aligns with your essence, enjoyment, and development. It is a path that strengthens you, challenges you, and is chosen with purpose and meaning at its core. A warrior knows that death is their eternal companion, and no matter what path we choose, they all lead to the same place. Because the warrior faces the inevitability of death, they decide to live life in its fullest expression. If a path no longer fits or brings joy, the warrior is free to choose differently. 

Many of the choices a warrior makes along their path may go unnoticed to the uninitiated. But a warrior seeks the mystery and moves between the known and unknown worlds. As soon as certainty sets in, the warrior is no longer walking the path with heart. A warrior views the Universe as an unfathomable mystery that can never be known yet is always seeking to unravel her mysteries. This keeps a warrior flexible and engaged with life from a place of joy and curiosity rather than a rigid certainty. 

This does not mean the path is without struggle. Struggle is an inherent part of expansion and development. In Journey to Ixtlan, many things need to be overcome on a warrior’s path. don Juan Matus talks about erasing personal history, disrupting routines, losing self-importance, and dropping habits. All of these things bind our power and keep us within the confines of the ordinary world. 

Losing Personal Power

There are many ways in which we lose or bind our power. Habits are considered a power sink because they bind our power rather than drain it. In The Craft of the Warrior, Robert Spencer writes, “A power sink is much like a pond or a lake in the desert with no outlet to the sea. Power collects there, but being unable to flow, it just evaporates.” So, one of the best ways to free up personal power is to give something up. Habits are performed without conscious thought, so we might think that since they require little thought that they use little power. But, anyone who has released a habit knows how much energy is involved in supporting it. Remember that habits aren’t just actions; we can have emotional and mental habits as well. 

For example, pretend you are giving up your morning danish. You may have omitted the action of eating the danish, but you spent most of the day thinking about how much you missed it. Those repetitive thoughts are also habits. It is not just about giving something up but doing so with impeccability or employing the proper use of your energy. Spending a good portion of the day lamenting the danish is not an efficient use. 

Power Leaks

Power leaks are another way to lose personal power. In the Warrior literature, one of the most significant ways we lose power is through identification. Or, to put it another way, the way we define ourselves by our roles, history, and various group identities is often defined by someone external to the self. Spencer writes, “First, identification produces a static quality in which permanence is both assumed and desired. Thus we can not adapt easily to the changing flux that life presents, and a great deal of power are used trying to minimize any changes that might threaten the stability of our identification or the way in which we define ourselves.”

Negative emotions are also described as a power leak. This doesn’t mean that she suppresses or represses healthy emotion, but a warrior would not act on it. In the literature, most authors view negative emotions stemming from over-identification and habitual patterns. Once someone can recognize the emotion without the mental overlay/construct, the emotion is just seen as energy moving through the body. Appropriate expressions of emotion, that is to say, emotions in proportion to the event, are using one’s energy impeccably. Dan Millman writes, “You don’t have to bring a thought or corresponding tension to life; you don’t have to dramatize it….as emotional obstructions are left undramatized, they’ll grow weaker until finally, they become obsolete.” 

Hunting Power

In addition to plugging leaks and unbinding power, there are things a warrior can do to acquire power. This power can be found in playing in the mystery and unknown realms. Engaging in activities that expand our relationship to the Universe. Crossing this threshold requires one to accept uncertainty and be able to sit with fear or confusion without trying to impose order. It also requires a heightened sense of perception that opens up to experiences rather than categorizing them. This means that a warrior leans more on their internal reference points than looking for external ones to explain their experience. 

It is not easy to put into words what it means to cross the threshold into the unknown. don Juan, called this non-ordinary reality the nagual. Or David Bohms’ description of the Implicate Order. A living awareness consisting of limitless potentialities, an unmanifest consciousness where all things are possible. For some, it is the use of rituals and techniques that alter states of consciousness. It could be engaging in active dreaming. Or it can be playing in the unknown even in the ordinary world by heightening our perceptions and awareness to notice the subtle shifts of energy, the negative space, or the webs of illusion that feed the consensus-based reality. 

These techniques that bring a warrior across the threshold into the unknown require being in the now moment. A warrior opens up to the world, listening with her inner ears and seeing with her inner sight. It is about feeling the world with your whole being and acting as both a receiver and transmitter of energy and power. 

Freedom & Discipline

It might seem counterintuitive in a perspective that values fluidity that discipline would be so highly valued. But in Warriorship, freedom is a product of discipline. Spencer describes, “To take the path with heart, then we must find a way of loosening our bonds with what has limited us. In doing so, we challenge our self-concepts, refocus our awareness, cut tethers to our beliefs, rechannel our emotions, open our senses to new perceptions, and find new filters through which to process information.” None of this happens by chance. It requires a conscious, concerted effort to move through these self-limiting behaviors to reach a place of freedom. It is the perfect alignment of intention and action. 

But the warrior understands that discipline must be in harmony with our ability to let go. After the preparations are made, skills learned and mastered; the warrior must be prepared to take action with the full force of her being. A warrior has control until they don’t, and then we must be able to release with abandon and detach from the outcome. A warrior’s freedom is found in this delicate dance of discipline and release. 


Remaining detached is another critical attribute of the warrior’s path and to maintaining personal power. A warrior does not look through the lens of success and failure. She makes choices from the perspective of impeccability and not outcome. The warrior’s fluid nature allows her to take quick action and drop something if it is no longer aligned with her intent. When a person is attached, it creates a web of energy, linking our thoughts and emotions through story. Therefore investing and binding our personal power, making it less available and fluid. It is the intent, discipline, and detachment that allows for fluidity.

A warrior’s path is not always easy. And it will not be perfect. But, by following this path, we can transcend ordinary human awareness into a place of unlimited perception. As more of the unknowns become known and we understand there are many separate realities, we can manifest our full potential. A warrior can take leaps without needing explanation and is okay living outside the boundaries of what is considered normal. The real question is, how alive do you want to be? As don Juan Matus said, “We choose to be warriors or to be ordinary men. A second choice does not exist.”

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The True Nature of Synchronicity

The True Nature of Synchronicity

 There are no accidents or coincidences in life – everything is synchronicity – because everything has a frequency. It’s simply the physics of life and the Universe in action. ~Rhonda Byrne

Synchronicity is explored in spiritual circles in a light and playful way. Some are claiming it as the Universe’s way of telling us we are on the right track. Others believing that the Universe is leaving us breadcrumbs on our path to awakening. In truth, the well of synchronicity goes much deeper than initially explored. It speaks to some of the fundamental truths at the core of spirituality – unity, self-organization, and our capacity to create our reality. 

What is Synchronicity?

When Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity, he called them meaningful coincidences. A significant occurrence of related events that have no apparent causal connection. For example, last week, I was listening to a podcast, and the guest recommends the book War of Art by Steven Pressfield. An author who I’ve read before and really enjoyed. Then the next day, my husband tells me he wants to buy the same book – out of the blue. He heard of it from a completely different source – that to me is synchronicity. Events falling together in time but don’t appear to follow a causal path. 

For decades, Jung and a Nobel-winning scientist, Wolfgang Pauli, explored this idea in a series of correspondences. These letters were later published as Atom and Archetype: The Pauli/Jung Letters, 1932–1958. Jung was convinced that somewhere deep in our psyche, we call forth events needed for our growth and development. Jung believed that archetypes were the origins of these synchronous events. 

Archetypes are universal patterns that are the structure of the collective unconscious that bridge the unmanifest and the world of form. Johannes Kepler described them as preexisting ideas from the mind of God that left imprints on our souls and as humans, we had an innate ability to perceive them. Another way to understand archetypes is that they are symbols of shared mythologies or templates of human experience. Moving from the universal and objective and crossing over into the world of matter, becoming more personal and subjective as the individual experiences them.

If you know your archetypes – and not just yours, if you know how to perceive the world in archetypes, through archetypes – everything changes. Everything. Because you have two things: you can see through one eye which is impersonal, and through the other, which is personal. That’s the way the game is written down here. ~Caroline Myss

Embracing the Whole

To fully appreciate synchronistic events, we must see the world through the eyes of unity rather than separation. Physicist David Bohm had a similar view of the universe. Explaining that the universe should not be fragmented and looked at as the mere sum of its parts. Instead, we should see it as an Undivided Wholeness in Flowing Movement. This living awareness consists of potentialities or what he called the implicate order. It wasn’t until an observer came along that the implicate order would collapse into form (explicate). The implicate, explicate, and awareness are not separate; instead, they co-emerge.

This holistic view of the universe is also mirrored in Buddhism as explored through co-dependent origination. Or the Kybalion, through the Hermetic view of cause and effect. While it might seem that this correlates well with our Western view of causality, it is much more integrated. In these perspectives, the effect is a matter of the entanglement of many forces and elements that co-produce and self organize. It is about unification rather than fragmentation. This self-organization of the universe is the coming together of diverse individual parts in unified relationships.

“After a careful and critical appraisal of the many experiences and arguments, I have come to accept the existence of deeper spiritual layers that cannot be adequately defined by the conventional concept of time.” ~Wolfgang Pauli

Meaning as Order

So if it isn’t the law of cause and effect, what brings these events into our experience? Jung believed that there is another acausal force that orchestrates these events that is non-local. In this view, meaning is seen as an ordering factor. There isn’t a point A that moves to B in a defined space. Rather it is beyond time and space and brings about events based on meaning and affinity. This affinity or attractive forces are selectively calling forth form and function to assist our movement into an integrated whole. Or as Maria Popova put it, “The ultimate dependency between the observer and the observed.” On some level, we are using meaning as an acausal force to attract experiences into reality that serves our evolution.

Why Is This Important?

Synchronicity speaks to both ideas of a self-organizing emergent Universe and our ability to bring into form what serves our highest potential. Once we begin to recognize these sync events, our capacity for co-creation becomes tangible. We are creating a union of the masculine principle as an ordering agent+time and the feminine principle of energy and creation. This is the very nature of all manifestation. And the movement of the cosmos from unmanifested consciousness into manifested. But the idea that these events operate outside of time/space and is a product of meaning and affinity is also the very nature of magic itself. 

Don’t dismiss the synchronicity of what is happening right now finding its way to your life at just this moment. There are no coincidences in the Universe, only convergences of Will, Intent, and Experience. ~Neale Donald Walsch

Becoming Aware of Synchronicity

James Redfield, in his book The Celestine Prophecy, talks about synchronicity as a way of building energy and as a means to further our spiritual path. Describing them as a spiritual process that we can consciously engage with. If Jung believes we call them forth on some level from the collective unconscious, Redfield contends that we can do this deliberately. He suggests we do this by clarifying what we’d like to know and asking the question. Then we pay attention to our inner and outer environment and look for the signs. This makes synchronicity an act of co-creation, not just a passive sign by the Universe.

The more we become aware of these signs that our higher self calls forth for our growth and evolution, the more that occurs. We no longer need to wait for the Universe to send breadcrumbs to let us know we are on the ‘right’ path. Once we understand synchronicity, we know we create the path. The Universe is a self-organizing, emergent intelligence, and we are part of the intelligence. We have access to the mind of God. When we understand these events’ true nature, we take a step toward our full human potential. As we become agents of the whole, we embrace our roles as revolutionaries rather than passive participants.


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Other People’s Keys

Other People’s Keys

​Your KEYS will only open your doors. Certainly, there are many who can model for you how they found their KEYS. They can show you where they discovered their KEYS. They can even walk you through their process, however, none of their KEYS will work on your doors.

The attempt of using another’s KEYS to open your doors is like going to the grocery store with your neighbor’s list thinking that it will fulfill your needs.

It won’t.

The experiences they have had are their own and are only an example of what is possible.

What are these KEYS of which we speak? These KEYS can be thought of as themes that create a certain set of circumstances for a specific lifetime. Consider that as you prepared to emerge into this physical incarnation, you had already selected the list of experiences (some more probable than others) through which you would more deeply remember the truth of who and what you are. Your KEYS are all designed to unlock these truths for you through your LIVED experience.

We will provide some examples to illuminate our meaning,

Imagine a naturally artistic child growing up in an environment where their creative expression, their voice, is suppressed and rejected. This child has a vast universe within them waiting to be shared. They have an innate desire to liberate all within them that is longing to be created. Yet their immediate environment, and the people that inhabit it, continue to reiterate that children should be seen and not heard. They believe that creativity is a fool’s errand and the child should stop being so silly and “get real”. This child grows up, continuing to exist at the exclusion of their artistic passions, finding “acceptable” ways to make their way through the world. The desire to express themselves artistically never goes away, it is merely stuffed, numbed, and ignored. This creates incredible tension within the human self. As that tension [created by willfully trying to obliterate the nudges from the Eternal Self] builds, their disconnection [pain and suffering] continues to grow.

The child becomes an adult who is increasingly shut off and shut down. They begin to question all of their innate impulses, creating deep insecurity; simply because they continue to elevate the voices and opinions of others above their own. They effectively spend their whole life trying desperately to kill the passions they were born with. Never realizing that the cause of their pain and suffering is borne from trying to use another’s set of KEYS to open their doors. In this case, the KEYS they were born with (the call to artistically express themselves) were discarded in an attempt to find a way of living that is acceptable to those they are trying to please. In this scenario, the creative individual experiences lack and suffering until they turn to face the voice they have long been trying to destroy. What this individual has the opportunity to realize is that, for them, their Creative Self Expression is KEY to their success in this lifetime. That KEY also shows them that ultimately it is NOT self expression that destroys them [as those adults had implied]. What destroys them is taking the truth of ANOTHER and trying to make it their own.

Another example here using a similar hypothetical situation.

Imagine an artistic child who is allowed to express themselves. Their talents and abilities are nurtured and allowed to flourish. Joy erupts from them whenever they express themselves. They are told over and over again how amazing they are. They light up whenever they are on stage and are rewarded time and again by praise and compliments from others. At some point, they [and those around them] become increasingly dependent on having an enthusiastic audience in order to feel validated and seen. They are brought up in an environment that places a high value on being appreciated externally. In truth, their creative gifts aren’t as valued so much as the payoff that they [and those around them] receive from the use of those gifts. Eventually, this individual conflates internal expression with external validation. If nobody is in the room excitedly praising them for their performance, do they exist? If what they create is not validated by another, does it still hold value?

Rather than being encouraged to find their own sources of fulfillment and satisfaction, they spend their life desperately searching for an audience to confirm for them that they are worthy. What was once simply a joyful act becomes corrupted. Now the act of creating for the sake of creating becomes transactional. They slowly begin to create a reality where, unless they are praised externally for their work, they themselves are worthless.

In this example, a KEY for them is to see that they are worthy because they ARE. That the only true acceptance is acceptance of Self. What is KEY to their experience here is to realize and allow the truth that “successful” Divine Expression is never contingent on whether or not other people find it acceptable or not. The only TRUE requirement is that they themselves positively resonate with their choices and creations.

These examples are simplistic by design. We simply wish to illustrate, through the stark contrasts present, that nobody [but you] can ever divine what is KEY to your experience. However, your experience holds all of your KEYS. Life will reveal to you where your KEYS lie if you allow yourself to see them. How are you able to find these KEYS? We have a few points to share that may help orient you towards this discovery.

  • What shows up in your life over and over? Are there circumstances in which you consistently find yourself? This may be pointing you to one of your KEYS.
  • What do people continue to reflect back to you in your experience? Are people constantly telling you the same thing? When you stop and think about it, what commonalities seem to be present via the feedback you receive from your external life? The comments you consistently receive from other people may be a clue to discovering a KEY.
  • Do you find yourself repeatedly reaching the same “dead end” in your life? Do your attempts to create or shift your reality bring you to the same stopping point again and again? Pay attention to the circumstances you often find yourself in, this may be highlighting a KEY for you.
  • When your thoughts turn to daydreaming or imagining a different/better life for yourself and the world at large, what details show up time and again? Do you find yourself consistently returning to the same idyllic visions and dreams for your life? No doubt, there are seeds of truth there that can help you uncover your KEYS.

Any life lived is essentially an adventure created by You for you in order to discover the KEYS [truths] that you have hidden for yourself. It is through the living of your life that these KEYS are discovered.

Generally speaking, this is not an academic exercise.
There are two basic requirements for this journey of discovery.

First, you must be curious. Curious about what else is possible.
Curious about what you don’t see.
Curious about why you want the things you say you want.
Curious about who told you to want them.
Curious about where you have been wrong.
Curious about where you have tried to avoid yourself.
Curious about what you have rejected within yourself.

Second, you must be willing. Willing to face yourself with Love.
Willing to be vulnerable.
Willing to feel emotions that may be deeply uncomfortable.
Willing to show up for yourself no matter how challenging it is.
Willing to accept that the model of Unconditional Love and Infinite Compassion must first begin with how you treat yourself.
Willing to accept that everything you have [and will] experience was at some level, a choice made by You.

Perhaps what you have seen as your deepest trauma also holds the seeds of your grandest joy.
Perhaps what you have seen as the pinnacle of your success pales in comparison to what you REALLY came here to do.

We invite you now to take a few moments for us to offer you energies and frequencies calibrated to support you in the discovery of the clarity you seek.

Please close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly and deeply.
Settle in and allow yourself to find a place of connection. Only a few moments of focused breathing are required to bring you into resonance with your Self.
Once you have found the thread of connection (even if you’re not 100% sure you have) simply place your left hand across your Heart Center and continue to breathe.
Feel the energy from your hand connecting and merging with the energy of your Heart.
Become aware of the warm and soothing energy that emanates from this spot.
Stay here for a few moments and breathe. Allow that Heart energy to expand as big as it wants to.
When you are ready, move all of your awareness and focus to your Heart and simply state:

“Heart, please reveal to me one of my KEYS for this lifetime. I am ready to know the deepest desires of my Heart and Soul in a way that I’ve not yet known them. I ask that this insight and information be revealed to me in the most graceful way possible. And so it is. Thank you”

Stay here as long as you need. You might receive insight immediately, you might not. It might be a fully fleshed-out message, it might be just a glimpse. It might be a feeling, or a word, or an image. It might feel like nothing at all. The only requirement is that you trust you have gotten what you need and that the rest will be revealed in the right way in the right time.

We leave you in Love,
The Lighted Ones”


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Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Energy Intuitive and Personal Transformation Guide

Andrew Martin is a highly attuned Energy Intuitive and Personal Transformation Guide. A series of transcendent and clairaudient experiences beginning in 1995 and climaxing in 2012, left him suddenly awakened and on an accelerated path of expansion and evolution.

His ability to take high level, often abstract spiritual knowledge and make it practical and accessible is bringing revolutionary insight to the world. His humorous, compassionate, and down to earth approach assists people in creating powerful, lasting, changes. His work is the catalyst for life altering shifts and transformation.



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Your Awareness

Your Awareness

Today’s message opens up some new insights into our current passage. What I am sensing is that most of this really comes down to spiritual maturity. Can we show up in honor of the things that are currently asking for our attention, simply because they are present? In other words, what payoff do you require in order to show up for yourSelf? Lot’s of things to ponder in today’s message. Thanks for watching!

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Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Energy Intuitive and Personal Transformation Guide

Andrew Martin is a highly attuned Energy Intuitive and Personal Transformation Guide. A series of transcendent and clairaudient experiences beginning in 1995 and climaxing in 2012, left him suddenly awakened and on an accelerated path of expansion and evolution.

His ability to take high level, often abstract spiritual knowledge and make it practical and accessible is bringing revolutionary insight to the world. His humorous, compassionate, and down to earth approach assists people in creating powerful, lasting, changes. His work is the catalyst for life altering shifts and transformation.



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