Brandon Trean on Health Freedom & Bodily Autonomy

Brandon Trean on Health Freedom & Bodily Autonomy



In This Episode:

We are living in a time when health information is increasingly being censored and centralized. A time when even just asking questions can be seen as harmful to your livelihood. In today’s episode, we explore some of the official narratives on vaccines and cancer and look at conflicting data that challenges the official stance of our centralized organizations.

Please note that while we believe these conversations are important to have. And we believe in our right to ask questions and do our own research. This podcast is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please do your own research and have a conversation with your trusted health professionals before making any changes to your health care regimen.

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About the Guest:

Brandon Trean is an active steward of the physics of anti-fragility & vitality. Here to distill, and organize the wisdom of bioenergetic systems to help demystify how to reverse disease and restore metabolism. All in the efforts to align with playfulness, awareness, and authenticity. As for me, I’m just a complex dude with simple needs.

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