Shadow Work: Are We Done Yet?

Shadow Work: Are We Done Yet?

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The shadow is everything that is incongruent with our self-image. Anything we want to hide and cast into the darkness that doesn’t fit with the way we see ourselves or the image we want to project to others. In this episode, Angela Levesque shares her personal story of working with Crow medicine and why going into one’s shadow is an integral part of our personal evolution. We look that the way that the collective shadow forces us to swing between extreme polarities in an attempt to find equilibrium. An energetic and emotional regulatory mechanism called enantiodromia. And suggests a reason as to what lies at the root of our collective fear and discontent. We also explore ways to do shadow work on an individual level to find balance without resorting to such extremes.


Dark Gold: The Human Shadow and the Global Crisis by Carolyn Baker

The Shadow, Projection and the Scapegoat by Scott Preston

Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World by Tyson Yunkaporta