Scott Preston on the Return of the Ancient Force

Scott Preston on the Return of the Ancient Force

What is Integral Consciousness? How do people manipulate the power of story and myth for the commodification of the human spirit? How is single vision destroying our democracy? These are just a few of the topics in this week’s conversation with Scott Preston. Join us for a thoughtful discussion on how the return of the Ancient Force or ‘enlightened ego-consciousness’ requires us to move beyond the individual into integrated wholeness or what Scott refers to as four-fold vision.

In this Episode:

~ We explore the integration of the 4-fold vision or the actualities of integral consciousness

~ How the internet is used as a proxy for our latent human potentialities

~ He defines technocratic shamanism and the rise in the commodification of the human spirit through story and technology.

~ We look at the integrated whole or the movement from the universal into individuation.


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About the Guest:

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Scott Preston is the author of the blog The Chrysalis