Casi Ari on Dismantling Illusions

Casi Ari on Dismantling Illusions

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Should we be afraid of our own darkness? How is creativity an act of freedom? How do our judgment and expectations become our teachers? In this episode, we explore why dismantling our illusions is our path to freedom.  We explore spiritual bypassing, participating in our collective shadow, and why creativity is essential to dealing with our trauma. We also talk about spiritual paradoxes and why listening to opposing positions helps us heal ourselves.

About the Guest

Cassandra aka “Casi” Ari (pronounced K-C-R-E) was born and raised in Nebraska. She attended Catholic school in one of the strictest Catholic dioceses in the U.S. from ages 6 to 18, where she was first introduced to spirituality and the nature of the Divine.

As a young adult, Casi was unconscious and created chaos in her life. Unacknowledged emotions and unconscious programs lead to circumstances with poor boundaries, violent partners, eating and exercising disorders and depression.

In the midst of her unconsciousness, Casi was granted a transformative and perspective-altering spiritual experience which changed the course of her life forever. After this experience, she quit her 9-5 job, started her own soul-based design business, and traveled throughout the U.S. and Asia studying the nature of reality through different perspectives, belief systems and practices.

Now, Casi works to uncover truth and dismantle illusions through words and art. Her purpose is to serve as a lighthouse to direct others “home,” even in the face of immense darkness. Divine Truth, Worthiness and Personal Power are key messages woven into the majority of her work.

Casi now resides in Miami, Florida. You can usually find her under a palm tree writing, designing, and dismantling illusions one day at a time.


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