Brian Sachetta on Anxiety and Agency

Brian Sachetta on Anxiety and Agency

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What role does the media play in fear? How does being accessible all of the time feed our anxious mind? Is the analogy of the mind as a computer useful for dealing with anxiety? In this episode, Brian Sachetta and Angela Levesque explore practical approaches to dealing with these uncertain times. We talk about the importance of anchoring our attention, using specific tools such as meditation, education and re-framing. We also talk about why agency and the power of choice is essential

About the Guest

Man with dark hairBrian Sachetta is an author, blogger, and software developer from Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Boston College in 2012 with a degree in management and computer science.

After college, Brian put his computer science background to use as both a consultant and a writer. His first book, “Get Out of Your Head,” draws parallels between computer systems and the human mind, and gives readers practical strategies for overcoming anxiety.

Much of Brian’s writing is focused on health, wellness, and personal development. He is passionate about using his skills to positively influence the lives of others.