Jenn Turnham on Highly Sensitive Extroverts

Jenn Turnham on Highly Sensitive Extroverts

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Have you been told your whole life that you are too sensitive? Could your sensitivity really be your superpower? How does being an extrovert change your needs as a highly sensitive person? HSPs notice things that the majority of other people just don’t see and experience their world in a more intimate way. In this episode, Jenn Turnham and Angela Levesque discuss the characteristics of HSPs, particularly looking at HSP-Es and how they are different. We also explore the unique challenges that HSPs and HSP-Es face. And we explore mirror neurons, self-worth, self-care, and how to move beyond a victim mentality.

About the Guest

Woman in black dressJenn is on a mission to educate the world about the unique, brilliant, often misunderstood, very tiny sub-section of the population known as Highly Sensitive Extrovert Women (HSP-Es).  She is also determined to unite all HSP-E Women out there and encourage them to see that they matter, they have a powerful voice that needs to be heard, and possess unique gifts that are in short supply in today’s world.

It’s time for HSP-E women everywhere to stop dimming their light, and shine their brilliant empathetic lights bright.

Jenn shares her passionate, quirky, eclectic personality through her blog, and in her Facebook Group for HSP-E women, Highly Sensitive Extroverts: Bright Sparks.

With a strong background in applied psychology (B.Psych, BWRT (Reg.), Jenn has been using her knowledge, training and experience in helping people use the power of their minds to overcome challenges since 2008.  She now focuses on helping HSP-E women thrive in a world that currently doesn’t quite understand them.  She does this by assisting them to own their uniqueness and see their sensitivity as their superpower.



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