Deep Healing Guided Meditation

Deep Healing Guided Meditation

This is a very deep healing guided meditation that takes you through 4 layers of healing. The first is a basic clearing and cleansing of the energy body. Followed by bathing the body and auric field in golden light. Then we instruct the body to absorb the full spectrum of light frequencies needed for deep healing and repair. Finally, we connect the body back to its divine blueprint to receive the intelligence and instruction it needs to bring the body back to its perfect divine state. You can move through all four layers or stop playback wherever you feel complete and work your way through the layers.

Meditation Script

Copyright Angela Levesque 2017

Begin this meditation lying down, so you can allow the body to completely surrender into the healing process. Make sure you can be undisturbed for the next 30 mins.

Begin now, by bringing your attention to your breath. Breathe in deeply and slowly, allowing your belly to be soft as it expands with the breath.

Then exhale slowly, letting your body relax on the out-breath. Take a few deeps breaths this way.

Now I just want you to breathy naturally, finding your own rhythm, your own pace to your breath. Notice the rise and fall of the rib cage, the quality, and depth of the breath.

Now bring your awareness and attention into your root chakra at the base of your tailbone. Feel the warmth and centering of this point in the body. Then, imagine a white cord of light growing down from the root toward the center of the Earth. Take a moment to really feel the cord as it moves through the ground, through the earth’s crusts, and deep into the core. Take a moment to deeply connect with the energy of the earth.

On the next few in-breaths draw that energy up back up into the body. See and feel the white light as it travels back into the root chakra. Allow yourself to feel grounded, connected, and centered.

Now I want you to visualize the white light moving up the midline of the body, all the way up to the crown chakra at the top of the head. As you inhale draw the white light up following the length of the spine to the crown and then as you exhale let the light flow back down the spine to the root chakra. As the light moves upward, see it move through the main chakras of the body. Letting the white light cleanse and clear anything unwanted from them. Do this for 3 or 4 more breaths.


Now I want you to imagine a small plug next to the root chakra just outside the body. This plug is like you would find in a bathtub drain. Open the plug let anything unwanted go down the drain. Letting go of any thought forms, emotions, beliefs, stress anything that does not serve you at this time. Just let it flow down, out and away through the drain.

When you feel this process is complete, put the plug back in and take a few deep breaths in the body. Taking a moment to again to be mindful of your grounding cord and your connection to the earth

Now I want you to expand your field of awareness to slightly beyond your body. I want you to become aware of your auric field which extends about 2-3 feet beyond your body. Take a moment to explore the boundaries of this egg-shaped field that surrounds you. See if you can connect to the boundaries with the breath.

As your awareness expands to the outer edges. I now want you to imagine breathing in golden light and exhaling this golden light to fill your auric field. With each breath, your auric field fills up with golden light.

Knowing as you do this, that the light provides deep healing, and rejuvenation to you.

Now let this golden light continue to be in your auric field, while you shift your attention into your body.

See this golden light move into the body and fill the heart.

With each beat of the heart, see the golden light being pumped into every artery, every organ, every vessel. Let every cell be bathed in this beautiful healing light.

Take a moment to see and feel every aspect of your being illuminated from the inside out with golden light. Spend a few moments in this awareness.


Now I want you to release the image of the golden light, knowing that it has completed its healing work within you.

I know want you now to imagine a beautiful white light shining outside your auric field. Take a moment to see this white light outside the aura. Now imagine as the light reaches your egg-shaped auric field, the white light separates into all the colors of the rainbow. Like you would see watching sunlight shine through a crystal. Let your auric field fill with deep reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and violet. See all the colors of the rainbow within your auric field.

Allow your body to absorb what every color and frequency it needs to return it to a balanced and harmonic state.

Notice what colors your body and auric field are absorbing, is there one more than others. Know that there is divine wisdom and intelligence in this light and the higher self knows exactly what it needs to return to balance and harmony.

Finally, seeing yourself shining as a beautiful rainbow body. ———–

Now release those colors and frequencies knowing they have completed their healing work within you.

I want you now to expand your awareness again to the outer aspects of your auric field. Here you visualize a projection of your body as a hologram in front of you. See a holographic template of your physical body. This projection of yourself is your divine blueprint. Think of your divine blueprint as your soul’s DNA. All levels of consciousness are held within this template. Take a moment to scan this projection of yourself. Knowing that it contains all of the information, intelligence, and instructions for yourself in the perfect divine state.

I want you to invite that divine blueprint, that projection of yourself from its place right in front of you, and ask it to merge with your physical being. As the hologram moves towards you, watch it spread out in a beam of light and let that light merge with every layer of your being. Letting the light and all the intelligence it contains become one with you. Let the information and intelligence of this divine blueprint restore and rejuvenate every aspect of your astral, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Spend a few minutes breathing deeply as the integration process occurs. Feel and see the light move through every level of your being. Letting your divine blueprint encode your physical & energetic self with all the information and intelligence it needs for deep healing. Restoring you to a state of wholeness and perfection.

When it feels right, invite and allow the divine blueprint to continue the integration process over the next few days and weeks.


Now bring your attention back into the heart center knowing it has all the wisdom it needs for deep healing and rejuvenation – mind, body and spirit.

Breathe deeply in the heart center. Feel into your body. How does it feel? Spend a few breaths just noticing.

When you are ready, I want you to bring your full attention back into the room, back into the body. Begin to wiggle the fingers and toes. When you feel complete, open your eyes.

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