Surrender into Love

Surrender into Love

This meditation takes you through Earth Breathing, a grounding technique that connects you to the earth. And then asks you to connect with universal love in your chakra. This guided meditation is part of a weekly Living Light Meditation gathering in the Chaos & Light Community

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Love Meditation Script

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Today we are going to move past personal love. The love that is to, love from, love with, and move into universal love. Love that has no conditions, no pre-text, no explanation.

So in a seated position, I want you to begin breathing deeply into your belly. Letting the belly expand and become soft on the in-breath. And letting it gently fall back toward the spine on the out-breath.

Continue this for a few moments until you bring your presence fully into your body.

Earth Breathing Technique

(do not read this title aloud, can be used separately)

Now I want you to begin just focusing on the out-breath alone. Breathe in naturally at your own rhythm and pace and only focus on the exhalation. On the exhalation, I want you to see if you can move your breath down through the body and out the soles of the feet.

Breathe in and on the out-breath, move the breath down the body through the soles of the feet and into the earth. Do this for a few moments.


Continue to focus on the out-breath but now I want you to think of that breath as energy and as you move the breath through the body, on the exhalation, let that breath and energy sweep anything that is ready to be released, let it move down the body and out the soles of the feet.

Letting the earth receive anything that is no longer needed or serving your mind, body or soul. Knowing that earth holds the frequencies to neutralize anything you release to her.


Okay, now we are going to continue to have awareness of the out-breath, but we are also going to pay attention to our in-breath as well.

As we inhale now we are going to draw the earth’s energy up into the body, bringing with it any light, frequencies and intelligence that the body requires for harmony and balance.

And on the out-breath letting the breath move back out the soles of the feet and into the earth.

Drawing the earth’s energy up and into the body on the in-breath and moving the breath and energy back into the earth on the out-breath.

Continue this to a point of equilibrium. That is until the energy you are moving feels in balance between what is coming in and what is going out.

(End of Earth Breathing Technique)

Now from this perfectly balanced state, we are going to release that and move our focus into the heart. All we are going to do for the next few moments is hold our focus in the heart chakra in the center of the chest.

Letting the area soften and expand with the breath.

As as you continue to keep your attention and awareness in your heart center, I want you to begin breathing in and out of your heart. You may notice as you do this that the etheric heart begins to expand, bringing the awareness of the heart outside of the physical body.

Focus on the expansion of the energetic heart. The heart is a conduit for intelligence. It is more than a feeling, or frequency it is an intelligence that is our natural state of being.

Continue to breathe in and out of the heart.


Now as you continue to breathe in and out of the heart, I want you to say the word Love to yourself on the in-breath. Connect to the word as you breathe it in. And on the out-breath, I want you to surrender to it. Let it passively fill all layers of the physical and energetic body.

Now, this isn’t the love with conditions or story, it is Universal Love. It is the love that has been explored by sages and wisdom keepers throughout time. This love is our natural state of being.

So on the in-breath, letting the word Love fill you up and expand your being as you breathe it in. And on the out-breath, letting yourself release and surrender into the sensation and be bathed in its intelligence.

Let’s just continue this for a few minutes.

When and if it feels natural to you to let go of this, or when you feel like you’ve received what you needed from the practice, just sit for the remaining time following the breath.

Long Pause

When you feel you have received what you needed release the visualization.

Just take a moment to hold gratitude in your heart space. Sending gratitude to anyone in your life that arises with this intention.


And when you are ready, take a few deep breaths connecting you to your body and the room around you.

Feeling the body as it makes contact with the floor or chair beneath you.

Take a minute to wiggle your fingers and toes. Bringing your full awareness and attention to the room you are in.

Now opening your eyes, aware and alert.

This meditation has come to a close.