Earth Healing Meditation

Earth Healing Meditation

We are living in a time of great upheaval. It is easy to feel helpless when we witness so many challenges around us. There are many actions we can take in real-time, but we can also take action energetically. In this earth healing meditation, we begin by cleansing and clearing the pranic core, followed by the creation of a ball of light. We then use this ball of light to send balance, wholeness, and harmony to the earth and all of her inhabitants.

How Do You Create a Ball of Light?

This is a common technique practiced when learning a new energy modality such as Reiki or Healing Touch. A person begins by focusing on the breath and using a centering or grounding technique. This could be as simple as a few deep mindful breaths. Then, begin rubbing your hands together to build up heat and energy between them. Then, with the hands facing each other, move them slowly apart and then slowly back together until they are almost touching. Repeat this motion of moving the hands apart and toward each other until you can feel a sensation starting to build between them. As this feeling builds, allow the distance between your hands to continue to grow and then only move them together up to the point that you feel the sensation.

Some people describe this resistance/sensation as warmth, a tingling, or the feeling when two magnets repel each other. To amplify the sensation, it is helpful to imagine your breath moving out your hands on the exhalation.

Healing the Earth

Once you have created a palpable ball of light between your hands, you can send this accumulated energy to the earth for her healing. Imagine seeing the earth between your hands and see/feel/sense the earth receiving the healing light, energy, and intelligence needed to restore balance. You can also use this technique to send healing light, energy, and intelligence to another person too. Asking that they receive it in their highest good and the highest good of all.

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