Jayne Sanders on Your Innate Life Purpose

Jayne Sanders on Your Innate Life Purpose

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Do you know what your purpose is? Where are you living your life as a Master and where are you walking the path of the Student? What if there was a modality that could assist you in finding out those answers? In this episode, Jayne Sanders and Angela Levesque explore Scientific Hand Analysis. A unique modality that uses our hands as a reflection of our life’s purpose and lessons. We explore what it is, how it was developed and the guidance it can provide. We also discuss the value of working with a coach and how our innate purpose can be expressed and experienced in a variety of ways.

Jayne is offering our listeners $100 off a Scientific Hand Analysis. Please reach out to her here (https://www.purposewhisperer.com/contact/)  and tell her you heard her on the Chaos & Light Podcast.

About the Guest

Woman in purple sweaterA MASTER Scientific Hand Analyst with 3 coaching certifications – Purpose, Law of Attraction, and Spiritual Life Coach – and featured in a FORBES article about her work, Jayne Sanders helps leaders, business owners, and teams love their lives and their work.

Using Scientific Hand Analysis and her proprietary Coaching process, she reveals your purpose, special gifts, and blind spots, then guides you into the inspired meaning, passion and fulfillment you crave in life and work. Corporate and team benefits are numerous as well.

When not doing her purpose work, Jayne can be found out on the trail riding her beautiful Arabian/Appaloosa horse, Darby, or eating dark chocolate. And sometimes both at the same time.


Jayne Sanders’s Website https://www.purposewhisperer.com