Nick Jaworski on the Evolution of Shame

Nick Jaworski on the Evolution of Shame

In This Episode:

Is shame really about power? Can it ever be productive? How has it evolved as we’ve evolved? Shame shows up in our culture in a variety of ways. It can be an internal experience brought on by living outside of our own values. Or it can be imposed on us by people or organizations trying to control or modify our behavior. In this episode, Nick Jaworski and Angela Levesque explore the many facets of this complex emotion. And look at some of the ways it is being used in the age of social media.


Shame Rules!

Bill Maher on Shame

About the Guest:

Nick Jaworski is a digital audio producer, podcast host, and founder of Podcast Monster, a digital audio production company. Over the past six years, Nick has been producing and editing podcasts with New York Times Best-Selling authors, thought leaders, Silicon Valley tech companies, and other entrepreneurs. His company, Podcast Monster, has produced episodes that have been downloaded over 20 million times and one of his own podcasts, Where There’s Smoke, has been recognized by publications like the A.V. Club’s Podmass.

Currently, Nick is passionate about his new show, Shame Rules!, which explores the hidden ways that shame shapes our world. Each episode explores the way that shame has helped determine the outcome of so many stories. Nick has spent 15 months carefully crafting all six episodes of Shame Rules! In hopes that by understanding how shame shapes our lives, it will help us to navigate the future in a better, more healthy way.

Rev Sarah Nash on Abrupt Awakenings and the God Within

Rev Sarah Nash on Abrupt Awakenings and the God Within

On This Episode

We ask the question – what is real life? What are the masks that we wear when we are online? The interfaces we are using for connection are not places that promote vulnerability and authenticity. We discuss why the spiritual path is our way out of this time of collective judgment and lack of forgiveness. We explore the power of compassion and holding sacred space for people to sit inside of themselves. When people are able to do that powerful transformations can occur.

Many people around us are experiencing abrupt awakenings. Sarah explains how and why she created Cosmic Triage as a way to deal with such spiritual emergencies. Her mantra of  Center, Ground and Protect gives people with no spiritual context for their experience, a way to find some calm amidst a challenging situation. We also explore the importance of doing inner work and recognizing our own ability to connect with the divine. We finish off our conversation talking about the White Light Express – an organization that uses focused authentic intention, meditation, and prayer for healing and transformation.

Time Stamps

Divine Spectacle 0:00

Interview w Rev. Sarah Nash 8:36

It’s Worth Your Time 51:32

About the Guest

Sarah NashSarah is a proponent for Psychicology; especially the way our bioenergetic fields are harmed by that other EMF ― the “Emotional Manipulative Frequency”. With her spiritual and intuitive guidance, she serves as an integrative practitioner working with medical doctors and other colleagues in the fields of healing, spirituality, and metaphysics.

She has devoted more than thirty years to studying and researching spiritual phenomena, the paranormal, the supernatural and the occult. Her therapeutic training as a Practitioner through the Spiritual Response Association was completed in 2011 and she was personally mentored by the school’s founder, Robert Detzler.

She received her CPC with a special emphasis in Clinical Spiritual Counseling from Fowler Wainwright International in 2012.

Sarah is also a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui and Egyptian Traditions as well as an ordained minister in the Melchizedek Priesthood through the Sanctuary of the Beloved.

She is an empath, a channel, and profoundly clairvoyant. She remains committed to teaching the importance of the Mind/Body/Spirit connection through her White Light Express endeavor, her involvement with The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine and through promoting alternative healing methods in combination with traditional therapy using her personal healing modality: Cosmic Triage™

Sarah is a steadfast believer in the power of faith, healing and the miraculous manifestations we can bring about through working with ‘positive focused intention.’.


Sarah Nash

The White Light Express


My Octopus Teacher



Is Our Online Life Controlling Us?

Is Our Online Life Controlling Us?

I think we’ve reached a point where the use of technology and social media does far more harm than good. How many hours a week do you spend on your phone? Does the time nourish you? How much does it influence you and are you willing to be controlled for the luxury of distraction? Join us for this week’s episode when we look at our relationship with technology and social media.

This podcast just looks at the many drawbacks of our social media and online use. It covers the physical, social, and mental tradeoffs we make to stay connected. I also share my own struggles with finding balance and why I ultimately decided to delete my Facebook account.