Beauty, Surrender and Our Sensual Experiences

Beauty, Surrender and Our Sensual Experiences

In this special edition of the Chaos & Light Podcast, Andrew Martin co-hosts with Angela Levesque. Andrew and Angela both speak and write on subjects in spirituality, consciousness, and personal growth. They decided to come together once a month to dive deep into these subjects in a light and playful way. 

In this episode they discuss:

  • Cleaning out our literal and metaphoric junk drawers
  • The value in surrender and release
  • Why beauty and aesthetics are essential for our well-being
  • Humans as sensual beings
  • The return to making things and why creativity to so important to our nature

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Andrew Martin

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Moving into Surrender

Moving into Surrender

With each breath, we take in our external world. What happens if that external world is full of fear and toxicity? In some traditions issues with our respiratory tract are a consequence of unprocessed emotions, sadness and grief. In today’s episode, we look at the coronavirus through the lens of metaphor and explore the idea of surrender as a means of letting in and truly, letting go.

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