Timeline Collapse? with Lisa Martin Naimi

Timeline Collapse? with Lisa Martin Naimi

What Are Timelines?

Have you ever had the experience of objects showing up in unexpected places? Have you ever considered that that was a sign of a timeline irregularity? Timelines are a collection of events that are perceived to occur in a linear sequence. The collection of events represent the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions of any individual or group of people. Timelines also present themselves as options or possibilities that stretch into the horizon of a human’s consciousness. It is a mystical experience that can happen to anyone as part of expanding your consciousness.

Timelines as Stories

“From the observer position, timelines can represent stories, emotional reactions, judgment and associated feelings, and the positive and negative consequences of choices. The view from within the timeline appears like a tornado spinning around the individual. That tornado is composed of stories wanting to hook human emotional energy so they can be fed, continue to exist, and even grow larger. Stories can include individual or collective events and occur in the past, present, or future. When we successfully unhook our emotional body from all of the stories, we can use that energy to restore and recharge our own energy body.”  ~ Lisa Martin Naimi

In this Episode:

Listen as Lisa Martin Naimi shares her experience of living in no-time, what that actually looks like and what timelines really represent. We also explore divine neutrality and how to step outside of the stories that hook us and leak our personal power.


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