Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It is time to look at heart disease from a broader perspective. What are the spiritual and energetic factors that contribute to the illness? How can enriching our relationships provide us with a protective effect?


In This Episode:

  • Divine Spectacle:
    • We look at the social and emotional disconnect that happens in our online world.
    • We’ve become used to expressing every little thought that occurs to us without understanding its emotional impact.
    • Our current modes of communication do a poor job of conveying our emotions leaving us with stunted emotional and social development.
    • “It isn’t enough for your heart to break because everybody’s heart is broken now.” ~Allen Ginsberg

  • Sacred Mind:
    • We look at the considerations of the heart chakra.
    • The research shows that human connection has a protected effect against heart disease.
    • We look at how the heart connects to the field of consciousness.
    • A Traditional Chinese Medicine view of illness as originating in the heart.
    • Questions: 
      • What topics make you feel emotionally congested?
      • What emotional wounds do you still carry with you?
      • Are you trying to control the world from the lens of your wounds?
      • What relationships have impacted your level of emotional maturity?
      • Are you ready to forgive those people?
      • Do you have anyone in your life who models a healthy intimate relationship – one that models both vulnerability and strength in healthy ways?
  • It’s Worth Your Time:
    • Recommendation: Born to Heal – Heal Yourself Heal the World by Luke Adler
    • Takes a TCM approach to healing the body looking at the flow and cycles in our natural world to give us clue to our own rhythms and patterns.
    • The book goes organ by organ and explains some of the social and emotional factors that lead to illness. As well as lists many exercises that can be done to facilitate healing in that organ.
    • It has a tool section where he outlines different modalities that brings the body back into harmony and balance.
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