Looking around at the world in frustration you may just want to burn it all down. But perhaps there is a better way. In order for new things to be birthed the old paradigm needs to be deconstructed and new seeds need to be planted. Listen in this week as we talk about the role of the systems buster and why their skillful illumination is needed at this divisive time.

In this podcast:

  • In the Divine Spectacle segment, we explore the willingness to throw around highly volatile words and cast people into boxes to discredit them E.g. asset or racists and why this tactic will never take us to the change we want to see.
  • In the Sacred Mind segment, we explore the qualities of the systems buster archetype which is part advocate, part warrior, and part rebel.
    • We look at the systems buster’s ability to skillfully illuminate the current narrative and why it is no longer working.
    • We look at the ‘Burn it all down’ mentality and how that is different from the systems buster’s ability to render the constructs irrelevant.
    • We look at conscious chaos and its aim to make space for and plant seeds for a new possibility.
  • In the It’s Worth Your Time segment we discuss Christopher Ryan and his systems busting new book called Civilized to Death: The Price of Progress. This book challenges the current narrative of perpetual progress and looks back at pre-civilized society for an understanding of what leads to a healthful fulfilling existence.