My personal timeline collapsed! Throughout my spiritual growth, I have become aware that the timeline through which I perceive my life has shifted. 

I remember at least two instances in the past five years when I became acutely aware of a change in my timeline. In those moments, the option of No Timeline felt terrifying. I couldn’t imagine how I would exist in this body without one, and I quickly opted into another timeline. The entire sequence occurs within a microsecond and can happen to anyone as part of expanding your consciousness.

This time, as that awareness dawned, I also knew I had the option to choose none of the presenting timelines.

As I accumulate these experiences, several questions linger: What is a timeline? As conscious awareness within a human body, why do multiple timelines present? What keeps us tethered to any timeline? Is karma involved somehow? How does my experience change if I were free of a timeline? Is it possible to be in a human body without a timeline? Could this be another example of how the universe is conscious?

What Is A Timeline?

A simple definition of a timeline is a collection of events that are perceived to occur in a linear sequence. The collection of events represent the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions of any individual or group of people. They can involve individual and collective events and also past, present, and future events. 

Timelines also present themselves as options or possibilities that stretch into the horizon of a human’s consciousness. They are representations of choices and are particularly visible when major choice-points arise. It is a mystical experience.

Any number of timelines can present at any time from one to infinity. The number of timelines available to an individual human shift as the person moves along their timeline. Some collapse, and other possibilities arise. 

Parallel Realities

Sometimes people can become aware of another version of themselves living a slightly, to wildly, different experience. Often, such awareness will arise in dreams and can happen in the waking experience. Could this be considered parallel realities? We can also become aware of parallel lifetimes in vastly different space-time continuums, such as past lives, future lives, and lives on other planets where our body of incarnation looks different. 

I have also identified timeline splits, timeline collapses, timeline jumps, timeline loops, and other multidimensional phenomena in myself and others. 

What Timelines Represent

From the observer position, timelines can represent stories, emotional reactions, judgment and associated feelings, and karma (the positive and negative consequences of choices). The view from within the timeline appears like a tornado spinning around the individual. That tornado is composed of stories wanting to hook human emotional energy so they can be fed, continue to exist, and even grow larger. Stories can include individual or collective events and occur in the past, present, or future. When we successfully unhook our emotional body from all of the stories, we can use that energy to restore and recharge our own energy body. Disconnecting from stories can also provide a new vantage point of clarity of unconscious motivations. 

Timeline Collapse

This particular timeline collapse occurred at the end of profound and intense inner work and the beginning of a new chapter in life. I had consciously chosen to embark on a journey that resurrected old memories and fears of failure, abuse, low confidence and self-esteem, and PTSD. In the final chapter of this round of healing, and with professional healing support, I succeeded where I had previously failed. I rewrote my story by rewriting my inner dialogue and taking action where I had once given up. 

And I cried, A LOT! I was exhausted from unceasing focused determination. 

I listened to the requests from my physical body, emotions, and mind, and I took a break. I allowed myself to do nothing or to focus solely on self-care.

And then it happened…


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Lisa Martin Naimi

Lisa Martin Naimi

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About Lisa Martin Naimi: Lisa has explored Ascended Mastery guided by her Higher Self, Ascended Master guides, and The Sophia. She has lived and channeled information, processes, rituals and ceremonies related to Ascension and beyond.  Her experiences include navigation of Ascension, Descension, The Void, The Light, The Dark. Those experiences have continued through the Corridor and Threshold of Ascended Mastery. She has been offering energy healing and intuitive guidance since 2009.