A Sudden Awareness

As I circle the spiral of human experience, Consciousness presents the opportunity of No Timeline again and again. I notice this shift when mundane objects in my environment appear to have changed. This time it was my debit card and dryer sheets that caught my attention! Lol! As usual, I freaked out in the moment of realization (because experiences like that cause me to question my grip on consensual reality). 

I happened to be in the midst of a text conversation with a best friend at that moment. She suggested I ask my guides to show me the best options and choose the most aligned timeline. From the bird’s eye view, I could see and sense numerous timelines hovering in the Void beneath my feet, as if the Earth had suddenly disappeared. As I read her words, I could feel one of the timelines on my right, drawing me in magnetically.

A voice inside me said, “Stop!” That voice, my Higher Self, indicated that I could choose a timeline or not and encouraged me to try existing without one.

Once I calmed down, I noticed I felt free and emotionally balanced, free of a timeline at least momentarily. I noticed I was liberated of emotional hooks and triggers. Everything was alright, just as it is.

Existing in No Time

At moments, we may become aware that we have a choice to continue a linear timeline or exist in the space of No Time. The Space of No Time offers an experience of neutrality, even Divine Neutrality, also known as Divine Love. It is a state of freedom from judgment towards ourselves and others, and fundamental to human ascension. Some may naturally reside in this state of consciousness. For most, the state of non-judgment requires continual practice until it is habituated and rewrites the previous programming. It is essential to personal evolution.

The Void

The state of higher consciousness of Timelessness, No Time, No Timeline, Divine Neutrality, or Divine Love occurs in the Void. Within the Void lies access to all possibilities. I experience it as the Black Womb of the Divine Feminine, where all possibilities exist unmanifest. It is a safe and nurturing place where I immerse myself in Bliss. Sometimes it can feel confusing and terrifying. Uncomfortable feelings arise when I am in a state of resistance, making attempts to control, or my consciousness has existed in that state for months.

Throughout my journey of awakening, I have alternated between existing in a Timeline and in No Time, and probably we all do. The more we experience the state of Consciousness known as the Void, the easier it becomes to move into that state at will. When we repeatedly practice that state of consciousness, our frequency changes. The more we practice, the easier it becomes.

Exiting a Timeline

Willing yourself to exit a timeline involves releasing from the stories contained in that timeline. Examples include resolving judgments towards yourself, others, ideas, circumstances, etc. For instance, judgment manifests as:

  • Feeling upset about others’ choices, words, behavior;
  • Wanting others to be different than they are;
  • Feeling inferior or superior to others;
  • Feeling upset with yourself for perceived or anticipated failures;
  • Feeling afraid of things that can’t cause harm;
  • Second-guessing your choices;
  • Feeling frustrated about slow progress;
  • Wanting to know all the answers now.

Patience, self-love, and self-acceptance are key. Spiritual practices such as ritual, meditation, mantra, and self-care are valuable tools to restore balance. Spiritual Teacher Matt Kahn models an effective practice of repeating the phrase “I love you” to yourself as many times as necessary to move toward equanimity.


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Lisa Martin Naimi

Lisa Martin Naimi

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