Love Inside and Outside

Spirit or Source exists inside and all around us. The physical and energy body house an individuated spark of Spirit, Source, or God. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother describe this energy anatomy at length in the book The Psychic Being. They relay a human’s individuated spark of Source resides in the Sacred Heart, hidden behind the core Heart Chakra. That spark is called the I Am Presence. The I Am Presence remains dormant, and the Sacred Heart remains hidden until the human begins to resolve their judgments and move towards Divine Neutrality and Universal Love. When the Sacred Heart moves forward and the I Am Presence activates, the Outer Life (aka ego, lower self) becomes harnessed to serve that individual’s I Am Presence. It is an evolving spiritual awakening process. 

In higher consciousness, the Universal Love that exists outside and all around us also flows through and seeks its like particle within us — the I Am Presence. When in the state of judgment, our energy field becomes constricted. The flow of Universal Love is unable to move through the human energy field freely. For a sensitive person, this constriction can even feel physically painful. It can also evoke dense feelings of anger, jealousy, inferiority, superiority, etc. 

Releasing Judgment

By releasing judgment, we free ourselves from the constriction of timelines. Again, this is an ongoing process of consciousness-raising. Intent and will can bridge the divide, and the journey is much smoother using healing, meditation, mantra, energy work, shadow work, etc. 

Judgment tethers human consciousness to timelines or causes timelines to continue arising. Shifting consciousness into neutrality aligns human frequency with Divine Love, also known as the Eternal Now Moment, where No Time exists. 

Blaming Negative Emotions

Negative emotions tend to become the object of blame as the source of adverse experiences. I messaged a shaman and fellow mystic, Thessa Sophia, when I realized my timeline had collapsed. I remembered that she had referred to her awareness of this phenomenon. I wanted to know if she continues to recommend proceeding into the unknown depths of life without a timeline. 

She encouraged further exploration of these events and mentioned, “…anything set in time, even a situation that I might consider ideal, is a reflection of my lack of capacity for spontaneity and flow.” 

Psychic Cords

I have contemplated and searched my history of mystical experience for ideal circumstances that caught my attention. I notice I reflexively grasp people, products, and events I perceive can provide me with solutions to achieve what I want. I have discerned a feeling in my body when I encounter this. Energy from within my Heart Chakra leaps out as it attempts to grasp the object of my desire. 

I don’t believe this response is related to love. Instead, I think it is connected to a perceived shortcoming within myself, even though I anticipate the full enjoyment of what I am about to consume. I might be describing the formation of psychic cords and co-dependence! Even though I am in the throes of excitement over the promise of what I might achieve, the energy leaping out of my heart feels desperate, painful, and achy. During heightened moments of awareness, I can stop myself mid-hook, recoil the energy, and consciously shift myself towards neutrality. 

When I miss the cue, I unknowingly launch myself into another timeline of attachment. I painfully discover fulfillment, attainment, and accomplishment will not come to fruition. It’s a long road of judgment and challenging emotions.

Why Choose No Timeline

When we stabilize our consciousness in the state of Divine Neutrality, Divine Love, or No Time, we have greater access to our energy or power. As we unhook ourselves from the stories, consequences (positive and negative), and judgments of a timeline, emotional energy becomes free and available for conscious choice and manifestation. Inner sight clears, and we gain more access to Universal Consciousness. We can hold more of ourselves, our Higher Self, within our human experience.

Keepin’ It Real

Initially, I wrote this article as a script for a YouTube video. I did my best to read the script with effect. I am out of practice and haven’t yet found my groove again. Then I watched what I had recorded. Egads! The judgment floodgates opened WIDE!

Collapsing personal timelines is about practice, not about becoming a perfectly enlightened being. While I believe this practice does raise my frequency, it is more important to improve my inner experience and life. Over “time,” I expect the practice of releasing judgment will increase my experiences of love and acceptance towards myself and others.


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