Have you ever had the experience of objects showing up slightly differently than you’re used to? Have you ever considered that it might be a timeline irregularity? Throughout my spiritual growth, I have become aware that the timeline through which I perceive my life has shifted. When this happens, there’s usually a brief moment when I freak out as consensual reality breaks down. Then I take a step back and realize that something significant just happened. My timeline had just collapsed. 


A simple definition of a timeline is a collection of events that are perceived to occur in a linear sequence. The collection of events represent the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions of any individual or group. You can also think of them as options or possibilities that stretch into the horizon of a human’s consciousness. They are representations of choices and are particularly visible when major choice-points arise. 

Sometimes they appear as parallel realities, we can become aware of another version of ourselves living a slightly, to wildly, different experience. Often, such awareness will arise in dreams, altered states of consciousness and/or can also happen in the waking experience. We can become aware of parallel lifetimes in vastly different space-time continuums, such as past lives, future lives, and even ones on other planets.

Any number of timelines can present at any moment from one to infinity. The number available shift as the person moves along their timeline. Some collapse and other possibilities arise. I have also identified timeline splits,  jumps, loops, and other multidimensional phenomena in myself and others. Whatever you call them, they are mystical experiences that can happen to anyone as part of expanding your consciousness, you just need to know what you are looking for.


From the observer position, timelines can represent stories, emotional reactions, judgment and karma (the positive and negative consequences of choices). The view from within the timeline appears like a tornado spinning around the individual. That tornado is composed of stories wanting to hook emotional energy so they can be fed, continue to exist, and even grow larger. 

Stories can include individual or collective events and can occur in the past, present, or future. When we successfully unhook our emotional body from all of the stories, we can use that energy to restore and recharge our own energy body. Disconnecting from stories can also provide clarity of unconscious motivations. 


I remember at least two instances in the past five years when I became acutely aware of a change in my timeline. I noticed this when mundane objects in my environment appear to have changed. In my most recent experience is was my debit card and dryer sheets that caught my attention. Thinking that there wasn’t really any other option, I quickly opted into another timeline. The entire sequence occurred within a microsecond.

In my most recent experience, however, I could see and sense numerous timelines hovering in the Void beneath my feet. Instead of choosing one of those timelines, a voice inside me said, “Stop!” That voice, my Higher Self, indicated that I could choose a timeline or not and encouraged me to try existing without one.


Willing yourself to exit a timeline involves releasing from the stories contained in that timeline. Examples include resolving judgments towards yourself, others, ideas, circumstances, etc. For instance, judgment manifests as:

  • Feeling upset about others’ choices, words, behavior;
  • Wanting others to be different than they are;
  • Feeling inferior or superior to others;
  • Feeling upset with yourself for perceived or anticipated failures;
  • Feeling afraid of things that can’t cause harm;
  • Second-guessing your choices;
  • Feeling frustrated about slow progress;
  • Wanting to know all the answers now.

The Space of No Time offers an experience of neutrality, even Divine Neutrality, also known as Divine Love. It is a state of freedom from judgment towards ourselves and others, and fundamental to human ascension. Some may naturally reside in this state of consciousness. For most, the state of non-judgment requires continual practice until it is habituated and rewrites the previous programming. It is essential to personal evolution. 


Judgment tethers human consciousness to timelines or causes them to continue arising. Shifting consciousness into neutrality aligns human frequency with Divine Love, also known as the Eternal Now Moment, where No Time exists. By releasing judgment, we free ourselves from the constriction of timelines. This is an ongoing process of consciousness-raising. Intent and will can bridge the divide, and the journey is much smoother using healing, meditation, mantra, energy work, shadow work, etc. 


Collapsing personal timelines is about practice, not about becoming a perfectly enlightened being. Over ‘time’, the practice of releasing judgment will increase our experiences of love and acceptance towards others. When we stabilize our consciousness in the state of Divine Neutrality/Love, or No Time, we have greater access to our energy or power. As we unhook ourselves from the stories, consequences, and judgments, our emotional energy becomes free and available for conscious choice and manifestation. Our inner sight clears, and we gain more access to Universal Consciousness. We can hold more of ourselves, our Higher Self, within our human experience.



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Lisa Martin Naimi

Lisa Martin Naimi

Co-Founder Chaos & Light Community

About Lisa Martin Naimi: Lisa has explored Ascended Mastery guided by her Higher Self, Ascended Master guides, and The Sophia. She has lived and channeled information, processes, rituals and ceremonies related to Ascension and beyond.  Her experiences include navigation of Ascension, Descension, The Void, The Light, The Dark. Those experiences have continued through the Corridor and Threshold of Ascended Mastery. She has been offering energy healing and intuitive guidance since 2009.