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Why is hope so important for realizing our human potential? How does Positive Psychology differ from traditional talk therapy? How do our thoughts influence our bodies, and our bodies influence our thoughts? In this episode, Virginia Oman shares her powerful message of hope that led her to dive deep into the mind/body relationship. She also shares with us tools and techniques to shift our thinking and tap into our limitless potential. We also explore the magic of movement, transforming our cultural view of death, and the healing power of sound.

About the Guest

Virginia Oman goes by her nickname “Gin” has been described as the physical form of the mythological symbol of the Phoenix. Rising out of the ashes of death and into a life of freedom, joy and exhilaration. After the devastation of the progressive neurological disease ( MS) took her physical functioning away and robbed her of hope for having a meaningful future she seriously considered opting out of life. It was at that moment that she took matters in her own hands to bring back her body. Listening to her own intuition she developed a specific path to transform her body, mind and soul and is now happier, with more energy and love for life than ever before. She decided to dedicate her life to helping others who for whatever reason have lost hope and feel trapped in despair. Through implementing the tools she has developed, anyone can get out of a place of darkness and into the light of a life full of great health and happiness.




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