In today’s episode, Angela Levesque explores what Hollywood gets wrong about women’s empowerment on the Divine Spectacle. Followed by an explanation of what personal power looks like and how we attain it on the Sacred Mind. Finally, on this week’s It’s Worth Your Time, we look at a book that gets female empowerment right as a blend of the soft and the strong.

In Today’s Episode:

    • In the Divine Spectacle: We look at why the old narrative of the woman rising to overcome her oppressor is something that no longer inspires many women.
      • We look at why turning male characters into a female role is problematic
      • The varying ideas of strength as a female and masculine trait
    • In the Sacred Mind: We look at personal power, what it is and how it is attained or freed.
      • Three things to free personal power
      • How attachments and agreements leak power
    • It’s Worth Your Time: