Work with Angela Levesque

Illuminating the Liminal

My sun sets to rise again.  – Robert Browning

Shift Your Energy

Feeling stuck? There are a variety of options from mind/body approaches to energy work depending on where your obstacles lie.

Deepen Your Awareness

Need help on your spiritual journey? Learn to meditate, design rituals or receive mind/body tools, and resources in our awareness development sessions.

Connect with Inner Guidance

Need a little clarity around a situation? Intuitive readings and guidance can help you glean the wisdom of your higher self and spirit guides.

Revitalize the Energy Body

Feeling out of balance? Energy healing and clearing can help bring balance, harmony, and wholeness to all aspects of your physical and energetic bodies.

Your Transformation Awaits…


  • Moving through life transitions

  • Seeing higher perspectives

  • Intention setting & values clarifications

  • Navigating your spiritual path

  • Getting motivated & clarifying motivations

  • Exploring/expression of life’s purpose

  • Remembering your authentic self

  • Building self-confidence/empowerment

  • Balancing & clearing the energy body


    • Reiki, Healing Touch & Reconnective Healing

    • Intuitive readings & guidance

    • Mind/body skills 

    • Meditation instruction

    • Soul lesson exploration

    • Awareness development

    • Conscious breathing techniques

    • Guided journeys and meditations

    My Philosophy

    I believe that each person has tremendous innate potential. This isn’t something that has to be earned or gained, it is simply something that needs to be accessed. However, our potential is limited by our perception. Do you know the way you see the world?  This matters. So many of our choices are determined by our unconscious beliefs about ourselves and the outer environment.

    I don’t want to be anybody’s guru, instead, I want to be a mirror for you. I want to help YOU explore the soul-level perspectives necessary for your personal evolution. Helping you develop your self-awareness and teaching you to listen to your inner wisdom. This work isn’t about perfection or somebody else’s idea of what is right. It is about living in alignment with your heart, your values and your actions. Nobody can decide what that looks like except for you. I want to show you some tools to figure that out.

     I am not here to tell you the future, but rather assist you in living your authentic life.  Giving you the tools and support you need for your personal evolution. 

    What People Are Saying

    “If you are ready for the truth, then Angela is it.  My defiant personality has attempted to deflect or guard, but Angela can completely see through any smoke screen as she connects to thy true self.  Her ability to guide the truth in a direct yet comfortable, compassionate and confidential way is remarkable.   Angela is a rare gem and a part of my heart and soul.”

    “I am an intuitive counselor, life coach and psychic medium — it’s not a simple task to read me, let alone tell me anything I don’t already know. Angela Levesque managed to square off with my higher self and sat me down for a good ol’ fashioned talkin’ to.There isn’t much that surprises me, but this reading impressed me. Not only was Angela able to bring me face to face with elements of my soul plan that I had not consciously considered, she has the skill to deliver the news with clarity that is rare. If I had to describe the session in two words: Mind Blown.
    It’s a blessing to have someone out there who is trust worthy and works deeply with Spirit. I’ll recommend her, often.”

    “Angela has helped me on so many levels.  After the death of my husband, her insight and unique skills helped me work through and clear my grief and old beliefs and patterns that were holding me back.  Thanks to Angela, I am better able to experience joy and have a more positive outlook on both the present and the future.”



    Are ready to let go of old stories, constructs, and energetic baggage that no longer is alignment with who you are? This 5 session process will clear anything from your field that does not serve, bring balance and harmony to your energy body, gives you guidance and insight from your higher self, and will give you tools and resources to assist you in understanding who you are and how you show up in the world. This transformational process is designed to jumpstart your conscious evolution mind/body and soul.

    More Details

    This is a 5 session process that includes:

    Session 1 – Energy Body Clearing (this is done remotely, you will not be present)

    Session 2 – Energy Healing/Chakra Balancing (Distance or in person)

    Session 3 – Intuitive Reading & Guidance

    Session 4 & 5 Awareness Development Sessions

    Upon signing up, you will be given a link to schedule session 1 (Energy Body Clearing). You will also be given a code if you wish to schedule at a later date. After each session, I will send you an email to make your next appointment.

    For a more transformative experience, it is best to do all 5 sessions within 3 months. The package will expire after 1 year.  Sessions 2-5 can be done in person at my Boise office or over Zoom. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance booking this package.



    You can either complete these three sessions quickly or spread them out as needed throughout the year. We can explore anything from meditation, intention setting, ritual creation, purpose development, and/or anything that might assist you on your spiritual path.

    More Details

    These sessions are typically done over Zoom. If you would like to meet in person at my home office, please indicate that when signing up. After signing up you will be prompted to make your first appointment. If you wish to schedule at a later date, you will need to use the code provided in the confirmation email. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance booking this package. 



    Are you needing some guidance in your spiritual practice? Do you want to uncover your soul lessons and life purpose? With guidance from your higher self, I will assist you in figuring out what is holding you back and give you tools to ignite your true potential.

    More Details

    This is a blend of coaching and intuitive guidance. With my extensive background in energy therapy, I also tune into the stories held in your energy body and give you guidance on how to release those stuck energy patterns that are keeping you from stepping into your power. I am not here to tell you the future, but rather convey to you the guidance from your spiritual team and/or higher self.

    How This Works:
    Prior to our meeting time, I will tune in and make a recording of the guidance I receive. You will not be present during this part of the process but I will send you the mp3 a day or so prior to our meeting. You can expect the recording within 48-36 of making the appointment. Each recording is between 25-35 mins. Then we will meet at the scheduled time for a 45-minute appointment so that we can discuss any follow-up questions, and explore any tools and steps that will assist you in taking action on the guidance provided. 


    This is a full removal of anything from your energy body that does not serve your highest good. This works on a different level than the traditional energy healing work. I work remotely in a deep meditative state to remove anything from your field that does not serve you at this time. You will receive a short audio recording to let you know what was removed and any guidance that I received for you.

    More Details

    These sessions are done remotely. You will not be present during the clearing process. I will do the clearing for you at the time and date of your choosing and send you a short recording of the insights and guidance that I received on your behalf. 


    Need help meditating? Need some more tools and resources for your conscious evolution? This is the session for you. We can spend 50 minutes exploring whatever aspects of your journey that you need some assistance with. This could include purpose work, mind/body techniques, moving through a transition, values, and identity development, ritual creation, etc.

    More Details

    These sessions are typically done over Zoom. If you prefer to meet at my Boise office, please indicated that when scheduling.


    This is a blend of energy work and intuitive guidance. Being trained in Reiki, Healing Touch, and Reconnective Healing, you will receive a mixture of energy therapies depending on your needs. My focus will be on bringing balance and harmony to your energy body. I will share any insights I receive after our session during our debrief. These sessions can be done in person at my home office or via distance healing they run approximately 90 minutes.

    More Details

    These 90 minute sessions can be done remotely AKA distance healing or at my home office in Boise. Please click on the prefered button to make your appointment. 

    Still Have Questions?